Regular houses — ENHANCE (32 Photos)

  • AstroMikeDexter

    Do I spend too much time on the internet or does #18 look like a penis staircase..?

    • RossC86

      Captain hook

    • aVulgarSquirrel

      Hard to say. It definitely looks like a penis staircase to me as well, but I probably spend too much time on the internet…

    • Brandon

      its definitely a penis staircase, its the first thing I thought of and I tend see past things like this.

    • matt

      Yes. that is a penis staircase.

    • DudeMan

      AstroMike – You realize that the two are not mutually exclusive. It DOES look like a penis staircase AND you spend too much time on the internet.

  • Confused

    Why is it that women love horses so much, it's just weird to me…

    • abakala


    • Guest

      If you don't love horses, well, that's just weird to me.

    • Ccard

      Because they are hung like a horse

    • Boss hawg outlaw

      Cause horses have huge cocks

    • iamaman

      because horses are fuckin awesome

    • dave

      the motion they make when being ridden. That's why women would say that they needed to "go for a canter".

  • Banjo bob


  • Kitra

    #28 that's about how exclusive the olympic torch is in london

  • MylesofStyles

    #9 I had no problem masturbating to this.

    • Static


    • ps86

      yea, thats "fuck you" money


    #4 man cave…

    • Justin Cider

      #32 better man cave

  • kal50

    Sigh, that just really dperessed me!

  • Paula_

    Drop this real estate shit already! The Berry should gladly pick it up!

    – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)

    • Guest


    • Evil Dung Beetle

      Actually, I've got to agree with you on this one. Most of the houses featured in these posts are kind of femmy.

    • 650

      Paula, you know how girls create those crazy scrapbooks with all the wedding crap they want? I consider these posts my version of that insanity.

      p.s. I heart you

    • Ducati 999R


  • Josh Luna

    #30 Is that a 2 headed dog?

    • ps86

      i stared at this pic for a few minutes and have no idea what's going on here, one head looks like a sheep

  • Ahrash

    I Wonder how much #22 cost them to make.

    • kc1

      $2.56 a square foot

      • ps86

        looks like i am one of 18+ losers who also did the math

        • kc1

          haha not real hard math but yes, losers

    • Katie

      It's probably cheaper than actual flooring. (I'm sure most guys will automatically know if it is or not but the prices of flooring is not my specialty)

      • chiver

        material costs yes, labor would be another thing.

        • Muadieb

          It wouldn't be anymore labor intensive than those people getting custom designed tile floors or pools… That said, expect to pay some serious cash. Normal tiling rates are around $5-15/sq ft for labor alone. Depending on the type of floor, the pennies would be WAY cheaper than putting down granite, or some high end porcelain (some run in the realm of $30/sqft).

          I was a flooring specialist for a while before returning to school…

          • drew

            Although based on that picture, it looks like someone just had a bunch of friends over to help place them. Penny pinchers…

    • Phox

      Would've been funny if someone sneaked in a nickel somewhere in there.

    • Kevin Mills

      good hardwood floors are more expensive.

  • MOAR

    #25 All I want is a swim up bar at my house.

  • Woody


  • Static

    #9 #18 #25 awesome

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  • Chris

    #10 yeah i can see myself standing there naked……. with a super model…….. showering in champagne

  • @nickinwarcal

    pennies smell like shit

    • Guest.

      What do they taste like? you seem like someone who would know.

  • Kelly

    #22 – Wonder what the flooring cost?

    • Guest.

      google must be down today…

      • Katie

        I just spent entirely too much time googling that…

    • Woody

      Can i put in my 2 cents worth???

  • @bdaley84

    #10 guaranteed to get you laid. along with just about every other house shown.

  • Applefish

    #4 Wow, cavemen had it good!

  • Giggity

    The less you want the more you have.

  • twd22285

    That's it, I'm asking for a raise..

  • wkdfrog

    #14 Just what every kitchen countertop needs, a giant horse statue on wheels: rich people are weird!

  • kyle

    these posts are awesome, but always depress me a little..

  • supersport

    #16 is my fav but these are all awesome ideas!

  • USA

    #4,#6,#18,#30 or #25 I would be grateful to have.

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