Some people should not be parents (20 Photos)

  • GenoBaby

    LMAO!… I do know that #7 was a joke. It's Photoshopped.

  • mikeraw

    How did the fatty sneak in here? #4

  • Gregatron

    Why do some parents dress their kids like whores? Seriously, they almost seem to be asking "Isn't my child sexy??? Ya know, my 6 year old little girl?? Isn't my 6 year old little girl sexy??"…. Fuckin sub-humans…


    #15 Cheer for mommy!!

  • Berner

    Worst mother of the year goes to #17

  • xsurruhx

    wow. you know it seems like every person i know who SHOULD NOT be procreating, is. it's sad.

  • Robin West

    #6 looks just like mommy

  • Mutt

    #15 Well if it is a boy, he is getting him educated early and if it is a girl, the father realized he will probably give her daddy issues and she can learn her trade young.

  • gina

    Hope who ever was filming went to Jail!!

  • Gallus

    While some of these parents are dumb or exercising poor taste, #10 and #16 should lose custody of their children. I am not going to bother to ask what they were thinking. They could not have been thinking at all.

  • Ahrash

    2:15 in the video trailer. Thank me later.

  • dirkadirka

    1# nothing wroong with that at all if it’s just her and the baby. What else is she going to do? Let a stranger in line hold it or a molesting TSA agent?

  • Chuck Finley

    #13 watch that elbow kid

  • Brian

    That girl is going to grow up and be a porn star because of her shit dad

  • Neal Patel

    That trailer has boobies in it at 2:15 loll

  • That Guy

    Horrible !!!!

  • Global

    Great boobs in the trailer!

  • Paul

    #20 Tatts and trailers, what a surprise.

  • carelsmark

    #13 Yo little man watch the elbows

  • Jake

    #17 I wonder what mommy does for a living

  • Allie Howard

    #5 In these parent's defense, I ran in front of the swing set when I was little even though my mom told me five times not too…i got kicked halfway across the sandbox. Never did it again. And then there's the Toddlers & Tiara's crowd…there's just no excuse for that crap. They look like sexed up dolls and they whine when we don't win-they're not learning any values or life lessons. I shudder to think what 16 is going to be for some of these girls, knowing that their parents aren't going to be able to do anything to punish them as they've always gotten for putting on an act all their lives.

  • Krissy

    #6… time to fit her for a HoverRound! *shakes head*

  • TerdFurguson

    #11 they're entire family needs to die

    • TerdFurguson

      As well as my grammar. Their****

  • JSD2015

    #8 – That kid will kick ass in college when the dairy challenge rolls around. Go big or go home…..He's going big.

  • lunatik07

    #15 Whats wrong with a little family support, you know getting the kids involved with their parents activities..?

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