Some people should not be parents (20 Photos)

  • Funny Pictures Fun

    These picture are an evidence of bad parenting, lolz

    Nice pics collection, thanks

  • Allen

    you forgot those stupid women that put there little daughters in agents

  • eXeq


  • Adam

    #6 stop diabeating that kid for the love of god! # 17 pedo bear approves

  • MohawkJon

    Yea… I won't be going to a strip club for at least a week now.

  • Zoey

    #9 Marco!… Marco!… Marco!…..

  • jessica

    #6 that obese kid should be walking, not being pushed around to become even fatter! Look at fatty mom behind her…………..I feel bad for that kid!

  • acdc

    Anyone else see the tits in the movie trailer at 2:10??? Hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lois On

    Novices at blogging and site-building. How do i make certain not a soul gains my best foundation visuals together with text?

  • Zuke

    #17 "You don't have a choice, just like I never did when it came time to pay the bills! Now dance you little whore!"

    It's like these people just popped out a kid and figured it's kind of like having a new toy to play with, like a really expensive doll or something.

  • dr vawesome

    I'm sure # 1 let the child go through the X-ray machine. Really??? lay off you non-breeders.

  • Chico

    Thanks for coming eydovbrey. And thanks for being awesome and cool.More photos on the way soon, and a video in a couple of weeks.

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  • Some people should not be parents

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