• jmdmn

    It is a pretty cool retro train, but no way that guy lasts 30 seconds in bed.

    • RCT

      You're right. Haha. He would last as long that train takes to pass.

    • RonnyDump

      Is it me or does this guy sound its Thomas Lennon from Reno 911

    • naluukti

      I don't think this guy will ever have a partner in said bed.
      He'll be tooting his own horn, if you know what I mean…

      • jebb

        I think he might make it to 45 seconds unless the girl wears a conductor's cap and yells all a board.

    • Bill Boner

      He would fuck a Transformer.

      • BarkEater


  • Craigery

    What's the point of this?

    • Every commenter

      Wait, why did the video just change? A second ago it was a video some guys doing a cover of "All That She Wants".

      • mastrrob

        and it was pretty good.

    • Scodeling

      The point of this is to reply and discuss why someone wouldn't change their name from Craigery the first heartbeat they turn 18.

      • Scodeling

        'Coarse this is coming from a guy who goes by Scodeling. fml.

    • shofmon88

      This guy is making fun of "foamers" (diehard railfans, with rabid ferocity about trains). He's a fake, but there really are people like this out there.

  • Tom Wilhelm

    Alright I laughed at this, it was pretty entertaining

  • Doug

    I wonder if he ran up to it and humped it

    • RobyGC


  • nowhereboy

    and suddenly my life seems a little less depressing.

    • @JJrrake

      Tro tro

  • Chiv3On

    HAHA, this was great! More people should have things they love as much as this guy loves trains


    • NCChiver

      Agreed, passion like that is a hard thing to come by these days. I wish I was as passionate about something.

    • greenpasturesart

      Most guys do… it's called women.

      • tapsnapornap

        Yeah but can you go around filming women while making O noises in public?

        • greenpasturesart

          Am I not supposed to be doing that?

          • tapsnapornap

            I don't know if there's necessarily a law or anything…

    • Cubbie

      For most of us its vagina

    • Gman

      I do…..I love vagina like this

  • Bobolink

    I feel dirty.

    • Ty4

      Do you need a cigarette?

  • I like mah dranks

    Wow… This dudes virgin level is over 9000

    • Ken

      Can you imagine his first time having sex… "Oh God! A 1985, Asian Bubble Ass! WOW! I'm foaming over here! Oh yesssssssssss!!"

    • Ha ha focker out

      Virgin level Mary!

      • @JJrrake

        What?? I busted a nut. Didnt u guys?

    • patov40

      This guy, according to him, had the most normal boner the whole time he was filming. Also, BJrake licks balls. B)

  • guy

    I wonder how he would handle watching it go into a tunnel.

    • Grant

      That is absolutely hysterical. +1 for extreme cleverness!

      • CCJosh


    • G_Had

      If I'm reading a funny comment online a silent laugher crawls over my face but this one made me cracking. Didn't expect that 😀

    • Billy

      OHHH Yes look at it go through that glory hole. OHHH Yes.

    • Geranimal

      "Oh ya, go into the tunnel. Go into that dirty, dirty tunnel. Faster! Faster! Go into that tunnel so fast that no one will ever need to go into that tunnel ever again!" "Ohhhhhhhh the horn, the hooooorrrrrrrrrn!"

      • tony

        straight lost it when i read that… damn lol

    • dnak24

      trying so hard not to laugh at work right now

      • Hope Blakely

        If I could give you a medal, I would.

        • Joe

          I'd like something other than a medal 😉 ….Got any ribbons?

    • patov40

      Winner! B)

    • tony


  • JoJo

    Forever alone Level=9000

    • tapsnapornap

      Is that the maximum level? It seems like that's the highest level I've seen mentioned…

      • Exploderator

        I believe 9000 is just the last level assigned it's own number.

      • Amber


  • present

    Not my thing, but good for him that he's so happy about something.

    Live and let live. It is funny, though.

  • iXOredheds

    Double Rainbow!

    • The Cooze

      Ha! That's what I thought.

      "WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?!?"

    • Tony

      All The Way!!!

  • i dont know

    someone get him a tissue! ;D

  • Spelling Police

    I think you can hear him bust one at 2:10. Then he gets all sleepy after.

    • Giggles


    • Jess

      Maybe. But at 1:31 to 1:36, definitely.

  • Ale

    I didn't know the double-rainbow guy was a big fan of trains..!!

    • @JDougE09

      Hahahahaha I thought the same thing!

    • Jeremy

      Double Trainbow

  • Brian

    He railed that big girl right in the caboose, cause that's how she rolls.

  • Bee Jay

    Traingasm… listen 2 that wHOReN..

  • tv_paul

    I think the train wasn't the only thing a comin' ( to borrow a line from Mr. Johnny Cash)

  • Randon Gardiner

    Awaiting the auto tune version of this…. ready set go!

    • B Dub

      And cue the music…… This is my first attempt oops, um, at an e-harmony video. Um, I’m nervous but I’m excited at the same time. So I’m just gonna start talking about what I like
      I love trains. I love every kind of train.
      I just wanna hug all of them but I can’t…..

  • Mike

    Anyone else notice how much this guy sounds like Bill Murray? Or am I alone there?

    • Doc Brown

      exactly what i was thinkin

  • lello_bayb

    Take the vocals and put it into a porno…. LOL

  • Loosecaboose

    Well that guy loves horns

  • Grant

    Funny, yes, but awesome as well. I'm not into trains, but to be that passionate about anything is superb. KCCO, brother!

  • hey now...


    • jmoasahkua


      • windowlicker


        • tapsnapornap


    • John

      that is so weird. I thought the same thing when I was watching it.

  • twd22285

    Did I hear him drop "that doesn't stop a BONER" @ 1:18…

    • A_rex

      No … he said "FOAMER" a term used to describe rabid railfans.

    • Digger

      I think he said "Foamer" sounds worse really.

    • NS Retired

      Those of us on the *REAL* railroad had a name for these rypes: "FOAMER"= someone who foams at the mouth over a train. Believe it or not, there ARE some that are a bit "tetched" in the head over this stuff. Another name is "National Railway 'Hysterical' Society", a parody on the National Railway Historical Society. I've seen a few carry on this bad in person. We thought they were nuts! God forbid an old steam engine should come to town! They'd go absolutely raving MAD! 🙂

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