• Rich

    Now he needs a cigarette…

  • mallardmountain

    autotune remix 5..4..3…2..

  • Dagpo

    sounds like Nichloas Cage….

  • GeekyTex

    Just a kid trapped in a grown-up's body….

    I miss being that excited about something

  • VSFD114

    Great video I'm an avid train chaser or "Railfan" I fully understand this guys excitement. When you find a locomotive or a fallen railroad's paint livery it's deff something that will give you chills. Can't say I've ever gotten that excited since I was about 8 years old but I give props to him for finding a fallen railroad's locomotive. P.S. this railroad had been gone since 1970's and that locomotive is over 50 years old they don't make them like this anymore! Chive On! From this 21 year old Railfan from Long Island

    • Duber

      I suddenly feel bad for laughing at this dude.

    • etcrr

      Neither Engine has been made since 1953 and it is as rare a sight as you will ever find on a railroad. There are people who live and breath this stuff as a hobbiest. Good for him to be able to cut losse and enjoy wha he loves. Not enough people do this in their lives

  • bob


  • Anonymous

    Wish I loved my children as much as this guy loves trains

  • KeepinCalm

    the chick behind me thought i was watching porn. lmao

  • Bobloblaw

    I'll have what he's having.

  • marburg42

    Definitely a bit intense, but at least the guy is passionate about something!

  • ian

    best video i've seen since double rainbow guy! Love it.

  • Josh

    Sometimes I see filmers filming trains when I get off the train in the evening. I've never once heard any of them busting nuts over our commuter train equipment, though. Kind of feel cheated. I wish I liked anything half as much as this guy likes heritage equipment.

  • A_rex

    The fact that he used the term "Foamer" in the video leads me to believe this is someone making fun of a rail nut. While foamer is a known term, it is usually used in a derogatory sense by those of use who work on the nations railroads.

    That said – if this guy is for real I could make him explode from jealousy. I have actually ridden in the cab of an E9 locomotive. :p

    • AtotheG

      Very true. As I am a conductor for a class 1 railroad. And huge Chiver. As quite a few of us at work are. Kinda funny how foamers get so excited about it. And we just can't wait to get the Phuk off of the thing. Whatever floats your boat!

  • mehere

    he came so much

    right in his pants

  • FunKiller

    I was listening to that watching porn……I feel dirty.

  • basic

    I only get like that when I see bacon and peanut butter together….

  • Doc Brown

    is it it me or does he at times sound like Bill Murray when he's screaming and overly excited???

  • Fuzziest

    I hate that I've already seen this video and watch it again all the way through.

    What am I doing with my life…

  • @iamjoegaudet

    Poor bastard would lose his shit if he ever saw the end of Back to the Future Part 3.

  • Swank

    Give that man a cigarette!

  • Nicnac

    You guys don't get it… that's a 1953 EA… That's a Heritage unit! That is like finding the mint-on-card blue Snaggletooth.

  • @JDougE09

    This guy is a 6 on the 1 to "double rainbow" scale… He could have cried some tears an gotten a solid 9.

  • JayDee

    This guy has his family buried in his basement.

  • B Dub

    Ho. Lee. Phuk. That, was just warped.

  • donald sayers

    Double Train! What does it mean!?

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