• Mark Schaberg

    Seeing the 1953 EA Heritage unit right there in North Creek was one thing, but when it pulled out with the BL2 SNC52, that was the clincher.

  • @briggsb2

    Thank god there wasn't a double rainbow in the background.

  • ChukDee

    WTF….but still funny

  • northerner

    I love trains, too, and vintage Warbirds (love the radial engine sound) and I love cars and trucks, anything with an engine. But I'm also smart enough to SHUT THE HELL UP and enjoy their sounds especially when I'm filming the experience so when I play it back I don't hear MY STUPID MOUTH RUNNING OFF AND SPOILING THE MEMORY. Yes, I learned that the hard way. Maybe he did, too, next time… I do fully understand his excitement, but…there's a time and a place for it…

  • Michael McLaughlin

    I have to say this… This guy sounds like Bill "Fucking" Murray in 'Little Shop of Horrors' 1986

    My personal favorite of BFM's work!

  • the devil

    Okay, I love trains…but I'm not going to go all Brazilian soccer commentator over them.

    These are the kinds of guys who make all of us look bad…

  • ahootandahalf

    Was it just me or did that man sound a lot like the great Bill Murray?

  • Hope Blakely

    He was excited enough about the train to make my mom give me a weird look when she heard me listening to this.

  • Matt

    I work for CN rail and these guys are everywhere!! I probably see 1 every 3 trips.
    We call them foamers, as in the foam they use to build their model railroad sets.
    And there have been a few that masturbate as we go by on a train.

  • Guest :)


  • Buster

    I picture officer Dangle from Reno 911

  • Trdde

    Rail fanner. Guaranty he has a model set worth more than his house.

  • Dmon

    So. Many. New. Memes.

  • Naggert

    If I had those kinds or orgasms in bed, I would be one happy pup

  • eric

    I know were that train station is. It’s in North Creek NY about 25 miles north of Lake George. I know that station well because I use to spend all my time as a kid in that town. I sure hope I don’t run into that guy the next time I go home their.

  • Dom

    Good for him!

  • Digger

    I just saw a train and I……………..Jizz…in…my…pants.

  • Visitohr

    Haha, fun stuff, love how he still manages to give some calm info and then just goes OHH in between

  • Swiggs

    The guy sound remarkably like Dave Coulier, better known as uncle Joey from "Full House"

  • @Davis_ks

    I bet he watches Thomas the tank engine alone with the lights off… Pervert!

  • Fred

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  • steve

    Bill Murray mixed with the Double Rainbow guy.

  • PhantomConqueror

    OH MY GOD, DOUBLE TRAINS!!!! I wonder what his feelings are on rainbows…

  • Kevin Tensfeldt

    double train all the way!

  • Aleister Crowley Morbius

    Jajajaja Kind sad…. & weird….

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