Tickets available now for theCHIVE’s Josh Krajcik concert!

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josh roxy meetup 3 Tickets available now for theCHIVEs Josh Krajcik concert!

Tickets are available right here for Josh Krajcik’s concert for theCHIVERS at the Roxy on Sunset, August 26th at 7pm.

In the interest of keeping ticket costs down, theCHIVERS are not making a dime off the concert. We’re doing this to promote Josh’s amazing music. I will, however, be buying tons of alcohol for Chivers… so just grab me and nicely demand a beer, I’m sure I’ll make one appear.

This will be the very first time anybody has heard music from Josh’s first album so when Josh is great big star we can all look back and brag that we saw it all first. Josh will also be handing out hugs after the concert. Hugs are free. The Roxy ‘aint huge so tickets will go fast!

Tickets available right here. See y’all there!

John n’ Leo

As always, Mac has not been invited to this event but he will probably show up anyway.

The Roxy
Sunday, August 26th. 7 pm
9009 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Mac not invited.

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