Tickets available now for theCHIVE’s Josh Krajcik concert!

josh roxy meetup 3 Tickets available now for theCHIVEs Josh Krajcik concert!

Tickets are available right here for Josh Krajcik’s concert for theCHIVERS at the Roxy on Sunset, August 26th at 7pm.

In the interest of keeping ticket costs down, theCHIVERS are not making a dime off the concert. We’re doing this to promote Josh’s amazing music. I will, however, be buying tons of alcohol for Chivers… so just grab me and nicely demand a beer, I’m sure I’ll make one appear.

This will be the very first time anybody has heard music from Josh’s first album so when Josh is great big star we can all look back and brag that we saw it all first. Josh will also be handing out hugs after the concert. Hugs are free. The Roxy ‘aint huge so tickets will go fast!

Tickets available right here. See y’all there!

John n’ Leo

As always, Mac has not been invited to this event but he will probably show up anyway.

The Roxy
Sunday, August 26th. 7 pm
9009 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Mac not invited.

  • Andy

    i'm in. beer me

    • some-dude

      Chive, I am disappoint.

      I've seen real concerts at the roxy for less than $40….and the drinks at the venue are crap.

  • samantha

    love Josh's music. I'll see you there, Mac 🙂

  • Paula_


    @John YOU SAID HUGS!!1! You love me after all!111!

    – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)

    • Crowle

      You are truly a loser, and will never get laid!!! Get a life fuckface!

  • Alex

    Enjoy it chivers! Can't make it there from canada.

  • Darcy

    was hooked on the x factor b/c of josh. see you there!!!

  • Mac

    Can anyone give me a ride?

    • Paula_

      Sure! Come sit on my lap!

      BTW it's August 26, 2013 for you, dear Mac ❤

      – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)
      – Anti-Fan : (second comment thread)

    • Ouch!

      I thought you weren't invited.

      • Heh

        Not sure if I like this "dump on Mac" meme… I'll give it some thought and get back to you.

  • Alexa

    driving in from vegas! I'd do it just to get drunk with the boys. music too? fuck yes

    • BIYF

      I'm going to make the drive from LV as well! The worst part could potentially be the hungover drive back. That sucks.

  • Paula_

    I may or may not be handing out my very own free drinks as well dear minions ❤

    – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)

  • ryabn

    met john in vegas. he went out of his way to get me a gin and tonic. good people

    • Paula_

      Oh you should meet me. I'm MUCH more fanatic about handing out my free drinks. I'll shove them right down your throat.

      – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)
      – Anti-Fan : (second comment thread)

  • Sunny

    I'll be there

  • CedarLamb


    • chesterdrawers


  • Comeback king

    You are

  • Claire

    He's sooo talented. glad he and the chive are throwing a party together. should be a great night

  • Curtis Montgomery

    Dammit, why can't theCHIVE do anything cool in Florida!?

    Cali is so far away! /cry

    • damon

      they just threw a meetup in Key West last month

      • ChristophersonofGray

        Damn you Damon and your facts!

  • thatdude


  • chesterdrawers

    I ain't fartin' on no snare drum, man…

  • cody

    who? no seriously, who? this will no doubt be the high point of his career.

    • jjm

      he wore a BFM shirt during this one show that one time, nuff said

  • Lois On

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    • Zakia

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  • Nayara

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