• KCJake

    How is that even possible?

  • JAG

    Ego trip

  • B Ball

    in the NHL it is actually written in the rule book that the home team will be given a 2 minute penalty if "Three Blind Mice" is played over the PA in the arena. Dates back to the days of one ref and two linesmen….

  • gwilbs

    I had no idea that Roger Goodell had a summer job! Ego tripper is accurate.

  • james duffy

    the greatest ejection i have ever seen. i have one thing to say about all this criticism of umpires lately on every level of baseball. you've never tried it. it is exceedingly difficult. after my playing days were over, i went to umpire school and umpired for eight years of what was then called semi pro baseball in new jersey . hard ball people. try staying behind the plate when the catcher sets up outside and the pitcher is blowing it in there at 90 miles an hour. try making a call at second base late in a tie game when a guy as fast as ricky henderson slides in there in a cloud of dust and the tag goes down in literally the blink of an eye. see what i mean? think about that next time you want to be critical. i hope they did put it in the box score. history. and yes the umpire does have the right to control the spectators and everyone else. the guy was not on an ego trip. he was doing his job very well. please send me a copy of the box score if anyone has it. Jim Duffy 48 Mott Street, Newark, N.J. 07105 A retired member of the N.J. state federation of baseball umpires.

  • bulldiser

    hey james, thanks for putting your address on the internet. i'm sending all my spam to you.

    • james duffy

      yeah pretty dumb huh? but that box score would be awesome to have so i winged it

  • Dustin Parker


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