A few Asian angels to round out the week (37 Photos)

  • Needing a Trollop

    #12 why so sad? I have a few ideas to cheer you up!

  • ThaGnome

    #22 so hot. i would tear that fortune cookie up.

  • boobies

    #22 I think I know her and she is defiantly a hottie.

    • ThaGnome

      I so envy you!!! I wish i new her!!! She's probably cool as fuck too most asian chicks are.

  • https://www.facebook.com/brad.altone Brad Altone

    #12 #23 I would loooove to tongue punch the Fart box!!!!

  • I'm Me

    I need to get me 1 of those

  • g-man

    Hello, #s 2, 5. 18, & 26 are simply great!!

  • g-man


  • g-man

    This was better than the one you had the other day.

  • Jacob

    #28 more

  • Douggler

    A KISS fan? I always thought Love Gun had a totally different connotation than an actual firearm.

  • treyjo31

    i have asian fever and the only cure is #4 and dat ass!!

  • TX Memphis

    #31 i think im in love

  • krypto092108

    Numbers #11 and #37 ROCK MY MULTIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gunnor

    Sweet Post BOB!! I'd love to see more!!

  • The Milkman

    #14 and #27…love me some chinese take out

  • Anonymous

    Were can i get one of those?! Simply Beautiful, I love it!

  • #28MOARPLZ!!!!Andfindhertoolol WheelJack

    #31 is after my own heart lol PLZ for the sake of thechive find her

  • Matty

    #25 has an adams apple

  • ryder


  • Fuzzel

    I love alllll of them

    • GUI

      #34 Victoria Mai

  • Dr. Evil

    Just a word of warning, Asian girls who weren't born here or haven't been here for a while tend to be … au natural down south.

    • Rick

      As it should be.

  • http://switchtoseeds.shikshik.org/2012/08/04/asian-wonman/ Asian wonman | Switchtoseeds

    […] Hot Asian Women : theCHIVE […]

  • zgl

    #32 – i would marry you.

  • Houdini112

    #28 needs to sit in front of the ac all day because she's to hot

  • the dude

    #2 Name of this beauty???

    • John

      Anyone, please him the dude out. Her name please.

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