Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • Kelowna Chiver

    #58 is an epic water magnified ass!! Hope it looks as good on dry land…..

    • Tomx569

      When you see it…

      • Klane

        Creepy if you're talking about that face looking over that girl on the right's shoulder!

        • roly

          i thought he was talking about her penis thumb

    • redman12

      her name is gypsyone on instagram and tumblr.

      You're welcome!

    • HumpDan

      I want to drink that entire pool.

  • johnnystyle

    #14 is still stunning!

    • nyr

      my reply when I scrolled down "oh fuck"

    • Frank

      who is she?

    • dagg nabbit

      ohhhhhhhhhhh…dropping loads!!!!!!

    • Kris

      I was in that cabana a couple weeks ago and it didn't look like that 😦

  • Dohome

    What an awesome week

    • McG


  • @JJrrake

    #57 totally offends me

    • @JJrrake

      Me too bro. Btw u hav probably the sickest loosest comments

      • @JJrrake

        Wrd thanks bro. Vice versa

        • @JJrrake

          Thans bro. Carpe diem

          • @JJrrake

            Indeed bro

            • @JJrrake

              U hav a sictwitpic to bro

              • @JJrrake

                Word word. Same

                • That Guy

                  I hate your retarded comments, your retarded personality and you in general. I have said it before DIE!!! aka Suck my ballz

                  • Chaosthirteen

                    Anyone that has read to this point has just wasted the last ten seconds of their lives.

                    • Fizz


    • Morgan Freeman

      I thought we've been through this..You are a mega douche, "bro". Now go away please. Nobody here wants you around, "bro".

    • ohyeah

      or…totally describes you…

    • Jawbone

      Hits a little close to home, I'm sure.

    • northo60

      It's french for 'delay'…..go 'merice go!

    • WorldTravellinChiver

      Its FRENCH you ignorant hillbilly ……

  • reginaisaplace

    #60 "perfect" ending.

    • Kevin Gorman

      I think you meant to say "Purrfect" ending.

      • reginaisaplace

        you'd be correct. but not auto correct.

  • Manny

    #47 Oh yea I forgot, N Koreans still haven't learn that the USSR fell

    • KimJongUn

      Wait… the USSR fell? Whoa…. mind blown

    • dumb americans

      neither do most americans. because they're retarded.

  • Dan

    #2 You and I have a different definition of the word "best".

    • B Dub

      I find #2 to be soooo disturbing. Gawd! WTF man. Do what you want in the bedroom, but don't be shaking my hand with that stinky, sweaty meat hook of yours. Ewww.

  • Extroidn8

    #35 That guns not big enough I suggest dynomite

    • Extroidn8

      #34 I meant *sigh

    • Extroidn8

      #34 I meant *sigh

    • Tomx569

      Sir, you have failed.

  • dewman

    what ?? there was words on her shirt????? must have missed that…………

  • derp


    • stiv

      sf giants fan???

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  • Fat Jesus

    #15, thats a classic, but where were the workers at the time?

    • Hippo

      This picture is from Wedding, Berlin, at the bus stop around the corner from where i live. I had a good laugh when i saw it two weeks ago. Damn, why didnt i upload my picture and become internet famous!?

      • testiseshual


  • Chiven

    You missed it but you saw it?

    • Fouad

      haaa its funny cos he was looking at her butt and not the words on her shirt hahaaa

  • humperdink

    #24 EDSON 2012, Phils army!!!! Damn what a babe btw, and #48 nice humps!

    • Oil country

      Edson, too much fun..

  • derp

    #13 AMERICA

    • Kate Upton

      is full of fatfuck faggots.

      • Dr Boobs

        Who are beating everyone in the Olympics! So Suck it, whatever shit-hole country you come from!

  • derp

    #8 For the love of God Chive please post things like this in 1080p

    • jellyfish

      im fappin to them, hoping that one day myhands wont be the ones touching my slender love rocket.

  • Liong

    <img src="">#5 #8 #18 #30 #58 WoW, the hotest girls, can I see the faces? sure that so hot<img src=""&gt;

  • Larry

    #2 I think his hand is stuck.
    #44 stare hard…..

  • Angela Nelson

    #13 oh beautiful for spacious skies

    • TheIlluxion


    • patov40

      Well said Angela. My favorite patriotic song! B)

  • driftwoodprose

    #21 – Psh, like she knows how to change the wifi password.

  • Dan

    #26 Asia is strange, yet awesome.

    • fed

      starcraft is considered a national sport in korea. kobe? phelps? no, kuboyashi75!

  • Brian


    just wow!

    • TheIlluxion

      from the assortment of fine ladies….you sir have a 108° yellow fever.

  • levi

    #14 please god moar!!!!!! of her

  • @cjdegrave

    #59 Are you my mummy? :p

    • Yabun

      Man that was going to be my comment lol.

  • Matt

    #8 now that's some cornhole we can all enjoy.

    • A Gentleman

      i'd love to run full speed behind them and ram my fists up their assholes.

      • Max


      • DudeWTF

        Fucking hilarious!

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