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  • #387

    #34 even with the removal of three of its limbs it is still 90% battle capable!

    • Fizz

      Will it still be able to battle the whirlpool of my toilet with 5 legs?

    • SmashasaurusRex

      The more you know.
      Time to take the fight to Klandathu

  • Pizzoff

    #18 mebbe out of my league….definately an arrogant gash!

  • George

    #18 truely doubtful. But keep up the high spirits princess.

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    #41 Baby: "At dawn, we make a break for it."
    Dog: "I don't know, Davey."

  • Leigh

    #13 #50 #52 awesome & Props to #42 well done 🙂

  • Rollo75

    #47 are the people of North Korea really so dumb that they believe this insanity?

    • TheIlluxion

      not so dumb, but every ounce of life is nurse fed to them.

    • stash

      there are a lot of people in america who believe everything the news tells them, why do you think it is different their?

  • Trav1121

    Hahah Damn you, #43! I laugh every time I see you. Haha

  • Nick

    #18 Fuck your League….Fuck em'

  • TDH

    #18 stops me in my tracks every time. Simple photo but AMAZING to look at

  • Dotson

    #4 awe that's cute…you still call it a 'bazooka.' In today's world -70 years later- it's referred to as an AT-4. The "bazooka" was an allied WWII weapon…
    Maybe when you grow up you could learn to tell the difference

    • Brummie lad

      And maybe when you grow up you could learn to link to the correct photograph. D'oh!

  • Steve

    #1 I….have made fire!!!

  • Brummie lad

    #23 seems legit…

  • Caliguy85

    #18 #58 great choices should be 1 and 2 lol kcco from loyal Cali chiver

  • Stevo

    #2 – Ummm, congrats on your hot, hot wife, dude…

  • Brian

    #57 Hahaha. I saw that sign. It's in Jasper, AB.

    • Guest

      Just in case someone doesn't know: "retard" is French for "delay", as in "expect delays ahead on the road"

  • BritBerrier

    #27 I wish i could walk around naked and not get judged/arrested.

    • Brummie lad

      Not since that last unfortunate incident anyway… 😉

  • Harmonica33

    #2 ruined my breakfast for the 2nd time now..

  • Jeremy

    i honestly can not believe i made best of the week #28 the best day ever

  • Anonymous

    Priyanka sexy viden

  • JawZ911

    #36 wow

  • Max

    #18 has a broken face and a smelly pussy. true story

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – man, i love when there's that small gap b/w the bra strap and their chest. always a great indication of huge knockers. anyone with me?

    • AboutGorramTime

      Also an indication of an improperly fitting bra, unfortunately.

      • Brummie lad

        Or some bird shoving her shoulders forward for effect…

  • Brummie lad

    #3 Sorry officer, I had to drive, I was too drunk to walk…

  • Jim

    It's actually a LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon)
    But i love the picture.

    • dirk89

      no it's an AT-4, the m-72 law is shorter and has a smaller diameter

  • Guest

    #2 maybe he's reaching for the deflate button

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