Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • goldengekko1

    #46 i dont know whats more disturbing the surprsingly creepy camp kid just behind them or the standing out in the open paedo bear man just waiting to snatch a child 😀

  • Mark

    #57 I don't understand the humor. This is a word used to degrade a whole group of citizens. It is as funny as the N word. Chivers do so much for people who have struggles, yet people like my sister who has Downs Syndrome struggle everyday and this word is used as a put down for her. I'm confused why the folks at the Chive think this is funny. When will the Chive make an office policy that the R word is not humor?

    • Jim Barry

      Its just a hwy sign citing drivers to expect delays ahead on the road, yet the roadway up ahead is wide open. KCCO.

    • poop

      Lighten up dude, it's not about the word, it's about the fact that someone hacked into a public advisory sign.

      Personally, I would have written Poop.

  • Wade

    Belly Flop!!!

  • Ispeakchive

    #18 According to your shirt, those capable of reading are unworthy, I hope that the league of illiterate candidates treat you well.

  • OhioChiver

    #1 Remember kids…when working with napalm, never…and I mean never…clap you hands together. 😉

  • Vin Chenz

    #51, and now young skywalker, you will die

  • Bill

    14 Knowing girls like that exist can make me sleep a little better I think

  • Bill


  • Brannon

    #18 I accept your challenge!!

  • bcanddc

    #34 that's how I deal with spiders too! Not much left of my house though now.

  • Rob Krause

    #42 and #36

    Thanks so much 🙂


    #2 Pickpocketing! You're doing it Wrong…..or is he trying to reach her lady pocket the hard way?

  • Michael Adam

    #21 lolol

  • Rob

    The dog is just hypnotized by that beautiful va jay jay

  • Xander

    #18 Out of my league and, apparently, a bitch about it, too.

  • Livininthecurve

    #5 That's an AT4, F'n BOOT.

  • Gallus

    #54 – Yeah, I've had weeks like that.

  • fiddlers green

    #5 that is neither a law or a bazooka it is an at4

  • Alex

    #36 #42 We need more submissions from these Chivettes, ASAP.

  • jessica

    #14 ake away the tits and no one would care

  • Miguel Alvarez

    Here I am

  • illWill

    #27 Behold. Another young bigfoot sighting

  • illWill

    #34 Let that be a lesson to the rest of those little f*ckers.

  • Medieval

    #4, Pretty Dope……but can you see all the way into the living room? That would be awkward.

  • its_forge

    #36 SERIOUS hiney. VERY VERY serious hiney.

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