• Ride

    Good luck Derek! You'll be in the movies in no time, that was awesome!

    • r@f

      You can be a stuntman for Joel Mchale if he's in an action movie or Sean Pegg or something but goodluck! You're good!

    • Dave

      Hey got work on Robocop in Toronto because of this video

  • Matt


  • Euhhh


  • Chris

    Forget stuntman, I'd watch an entire movie of this guy doing stuff like that. Good luck to you buddy.

    • fact checker

      I particularly like shooting a shotgun off a unicycle

  • Mikey

    I can't do that 😦

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/08/03/derek-barnes-is-trying-to-make-it-to-hollywood-as-a-stuntman-and-i-hope-he-does-because-his-reel-is-amazing-video/ Derek Barnes is trying to make it to Hollywood as a stuntman, and I hope he does, because his reel is amazing (Video) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Read More: Derek Barnes is trying to make it to Hollywood as a stuntman, and I hope he does, because his reel i… […]

  • RealZoo

    Good stunts. C'mon Hollywood, give the guy a shot!!!

  • Jim

    What a badass!

  • Admam

    Chive On, Good Luck, from the looks of it, you have a great career ahead 🙂 awesome video

  • Kurtis

    Chive On man, looks like you have it. Unicycle and a Shotgun, loved it. Good luck out there!!

  • McDub

    Good luck. How the hell do people find out they are good at that craziness?!?

    • http://www.facebook.com/bela.sziklassy Bela Sziklassy

      They try it out. If they don't die, we end up seeing a video of it.

      • emu90

        and if they do, it goes on spacedicks

  • Matt

    Worst parkour ever!! Great stunts though.

  • VMI93

    I thought that shotgun-on-the-unicycle bit was pretty funny. Nice stunts.

    • HotMomma

      That was the best… complete with the oowwww..

  • TeeJay

    Bloody brilliant!

  • Frank

    great work, but in some cases if you look carefully you can see its fake, an example is when he is hit by the pole and falls onto the car, he falls backwards but then magically his feet are pointed the other way

    • randomchiver

      Of course they're fake, the fact that you can tell means he's not an awesome director, which is why he's looking for work as a stuntman, not a director. Way to miss the entire point.

  • Goldmember

    Hot rod in real life…

  • Wet_tosti

    Looks like a normal monday to me.

  • KeepinCalm

    man has zero fear…awesome!

  • Adam

    The unicycle shotgun made me laugh this guys awesome>

  • gompers

    Did I just watch a two minute clip of the new Transporter movie?

  • Zaedrus

    1:32 Pretty funny editing magic.

  • Nigel

    If you don't understand why a man on a unicycle firing a shotgun is funny, then we can't be friends. That could be the most absurd things I have seen in a long time. Definitely made my day.

  • Dan

    First of all, that was awesome. Second, is this how people actually land stuntman gigs in Hollywood, or is this guy just being wildly irresponsible/awesome?

  • Lale

    That was insane

  • Bob

    Man, he sure does know how to fall down real good.

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