• JayMackB

    Why is Neil Patrick Harris trying to be a stuntman?

  • allanb

    I want to see an animated gif of just the Unicycle shotgun clip. That. Was. Awesome!

  • Anon

    Awesome!!! From a few clips, it looks like it was filmed in Toronto.

  • blutodawg

    anyone else notice the editing mix up when he gets hit with the pole onto the car?

    • JacquoBot

      If you look closely (like frame-by-frame close), you can see that he actually rotates his body right before/ as he hits the car.

  • twd22285

    That's talent! @ 1:44 who was the first to try that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.bugbee Jay Bugbee

    Everything is bad ass with Jack White playing in the back ground.

  • xzapato

    Cool flip bro.

  • Stemi

    I'm looking for a tough guy.. What's the other guy doing these days..?

    • JacquoBot

      You can find him on facebook: James McDougall (actor)

  • Andy298

    very cool!

    Love the last shot from the roof of the car

  • Scomfort`

    Cool video, loved the White Stripes "Lafayette Blues" in the background too.

  • parkatola

    Okay, from 1:40 on, he's on the bridge, tying a knot with his hand, hooks a big carabiner into it, and basically has a one-handed descent. Anyone know the knot? (I mean anyone besides Aaron Ralston?) KCCO and have a great weekend.

    • JacquoBot

      That knot is a Munter hitch

      • parkatola

        Thanks. I forgot to check back. Thanks for the info. KCCO


  • C

    Good job stealing this from youtube

    • JacquoBot

      Original Video:

  • Nicnac

    Better action, more content, more attention getting than any full length movie by Michael Bay.

  • Me Maw

    That guy in the stocking cap and sunglasses is a dick!

  • Shawni

    that's so bad ass!! i hope he makes it

  • Drastech9

    Fucken awesom, zero fuxks given

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