Friday Dopamine Dump (46 Photos)

  • Runswithbeer


    • Kristen

      OMFG…Obama Must Fucking Go

  • Anonymous


    Dammit Dwayne, get your shit together

  • Canucks_Rule

    #19 – who is she?

  • bluebloodedrebel

    Give these girls a Gold

  • petersaa

    do you want to take revenge on your ex?
    post videos or pics:

  • Rick Ostapovich

    #11 Alright already…get back to what chive does best #19

  • r00s7a

    Screw KFC. Chik Fil A did nothing wrong other than standing by their own beliefs. Props to Chik Fil A

    • morebeer

      yeah, fuck equality…who needs it

      • Hugh

        Fuck free speech as well.

        • morebeer

          "The right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

          Article 19 goes on to say that the exercise of these rights carries "special duties and responsibilities" and may "therefore be subject to certain restrictions" when necessary "[f]or respect of the rights or reputation of others"

          • El Z

            Irrelevant. Our freedom of thought and expression arises from the Bill of Rights, not from Article 19. The Constitution, and not anything written by the UN or any other international body, is the supreme law of this country.

            • Owen Smithers

              Our rights come from an even higher authority, but yes, the UN reference is irrelevant. Our Constitution protects our natural rights. But, really, it only protects it from the tyranny of government. People can say anything they want, but there may be repercussions from other people. And that's the great thing here… people can choose to avoid Chik-Fil-A or swamp them with business. It's freedom, and it's a great thing!

              • morebeer

                No, your rights do not come from "an even high authority" because not everyone believes in the same "higher authority" or even in a "higher authority" at all

                • Owen Smithers

                  Does matter if you believe it or not. The point is that no other person grants you your natural rights. They exist if you exist. But, yeah, I get your point about not believing in a higher authority. I think we are in agreement, big picture wise, though.

              • El Z

                Yeah, the Founders would likely agree that the documents "recognize and protect" our rights, rather than bestow them. And they really only apply to government action, of course. RE the daily pics on the topic – do we really need to turn our daily escapist-productivity-buster into a political forum?

                • Owen Smithers

                  This may be the only place to expose some time-wasters to the "how and why" of the freedom they take for granted. They may only hear the main stream media talk about these things, if at all, and that's a pretty poor source of info. If nothing else, hopefully we can get some of them to just stop and think about it for minute. Protecting our liberty is NEVER a waste of time.

                  • El Z

                    First, it's a great site, and – more importantly – it's your site, so do as you wish. I only suggest that bashing a fast food joint over and over again isn't really the highest and best means to explore liberty. And you actually have a pretty educated readership, already. Finally (geez), there's a little daylight between prompting open discussion and repeatedly pressing your own views on a single issue. With all that said, you do it with a light touch, and perfectly in keeping with the pleasant vibe that makes the Chive so refreshing.

      • r00s7a

        So because someone has different beliefs, but still treats everyone equal that is discriminatory?

        • pedro

          If the Chick-fil-a debacle has taught us anything, it's that the citizens of the United States have absolutely no freaking clue what their own laws mean.

          • Owen Smithers

            Hahahaha! You got that right, brother! Hopefully, these discussions wake people up and realize what's going on.

    • FunKiller

      Doesn't matter, you still put up the wrong pic.

      • r00s7a

        No, I used the right pic. That is two hot lesbians walking to Chik Fil A… or something. 🙂

        • FunKiller

          Hah, I'll take it…well done!

  • Skiface

    #31 no other way to describe her but cute as hell

    • Star K. Raft

      Plus it's not just a pretty face (at least I'm hoping that board isn't just a prop)!

  • Paweł Smołka

    #14 And that is Team Play!

  • Jude Kerrison

    #14 That's why they call him "the beast"

  • Bonertastic

    Find 31

  • Frank

    #2 is obviously fake…..It says Live next to NBC.


      That isn't London…London's floors are a different color.

    • guest

      NBC beside anythign = fake lol good call

  • Bobby Hudson

    #19 So that's where I put my fucking cell phone. I've been looking everywhere!!

    • morebeer

      Look harder…

      (see what I did there?)

  • USA

    Find #31

  • BB23


    Ah, Russia…

  • birdcatbirdman

    Bill Oreilly is a cock

  • @lackofabetter

    #11 Fucking Dwayne, Always screwing up

  • patty_cakess

    LMAO Love Pitbull… good sport

    • KCO617


    • Alan Carlson

      no talent loser

  • MonkeyMadness

    #29 Ok human.. I give up… just don't rub my belly! …ok just a little.

    • justsomeguy

      doesnt matter how tough the marine/soldier/sailor is… every single one has a soft spot for awesome dogs lol.

  • Stick

    I'm tellin' ya, Chive. Sapphic Saturdays: make it happen.

  • Jeff

    #13 that's cool!

    • Zasm02

      They misspelled "hero"

  • JTW

    #26 No way! The best KFC service is worse than the worst Chik Fil A service.

    • Owen Smithers

      Dumb-asses need to learn to distinguish the difference between expressing a differing opinion and actual hatred. Put a little more effort into completing a thought before you bust out the hate accusations!

      • Buntcake72

        Thank you Owen, I saw a blathering idiot on Hannity last night literally yelling that those who support marriage between a man and a woman are equal to slave owners. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!

        This is why gay people piss me off, they whine all the time about equal rights. Guess what asshats, no one cares (AND I DO MEAN NO-FUCKING-ONE!)who you fuck in the comfort of your own bedroom. And furthermore, why on earth would you want to get married anyway? BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

        The man said he believes marriage should be kept between a man and a woman, Obama believed the same…where was the outrage then? It's not like the guy said "Ain't gonna serve dem der faggots mah special chickens". Lighten up..and back up just a little.

        • Owen Smithers

          It's meant to drive a wedge between us and keep people angry with each other to get votes. If they keep us divided and fighting, they have the power and we ultimately ALL lose freedom. If we actually talk to each other openly with logic and reason, we'd find that we agree on a lot more than politicians would have us believe. And/or we probably (like you point out correctly here) don't care one way or another what consenting adults do. Beyond that, let the free market work. Eat Chic-fil-A… or don't. It's everyone's personal free choice to make. (But remember to buy health insurance. No choice on that anymore.)

    • John

      As a small business owner, Chick-Fil-A gets all my lunch business now. I hate bullies, and those who have a problem with the owner of a business engaging in free speech and running a business in accordance with his perfectly legal beliefs are bullies.

      • Owen Smithers

        I agree. And people can choose to eat there or not. That's the wonderful thing about a free market. We all have a tiny bit of power that we exercise with our few dollars every day. It's one of the cores of liberty! Kudos for exercising your freedoms, John! Use them or lose them…

        • Alan Carlson

          i am impressed 5 replies that do not embarass me. maybe we are waking up. The government trying to discredit and crush someone for thier opinion is a scary thing. Wake up people have you noticed if you do not go along with the view points of the current admin you are shouted down and shamed over not thinking correct

          • Owen Smithers

            I think people are starting to wake up and realize how fragile their freedoms can be and how they are slipping away. And while this admin may be the worst in recent memory, ANY administration, from ANY party can be dangerous to our liberties. The D or R after their name is not the concern, it's their beliefs and actions and understanding of how we became a great country, and have learned and grown through the years. We've made mistakes and we continue to. It is our responsibility to nurture and pass on what we've learned. I think that people are waking up and realizing that the path we've been going down for maybe the past 50 years or so is not sustainable, and the decline has increased rapidly over the past 4 or 5 years. We can bring it back, but we have to keep talking openly and reasonably. I'm proud to be an American. And so very grateful….

            • Wallmaster

              Way to go KFC for exploiting cheap political hype for more business.

  • Rob

    #17 That girl is eye-umm the shizz out of him. Leave the game Kid!

    #31 is ridiculous beautiful

    • Tomas

      #17 find that woman on the left. That look! Woah! 😉

  • Bubble-T-Nutz

    Who is DOUGYDELACHIVE? I would like to commend him on his fine work this fabulous Friday morning

  • Bort

    #12 Sorry D.A.R.E. officer, finding it incredibly difficult to say "No"

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