It’s Friday and I DGAF (37 photos)

  • DB Conor

    #12 "Fuck." -The Police.

  • TX Memphis

    #5 need a new drinkin buddy ? #24 i'll lend you a hand #33 that kid kicks ass & enjoys ass all at the same time


    #18 Read the statement next to it. Much more appropriate for I DGAF!

  • Sean Burford

    We know nothing of the man in #30 but for one shining moment captured forever on film, he was the most awesome motherfucker in the crowd.

  • Crazy87Hair


    Distant relative of American forefathers. Very boss like

  • Robb

    # 4 I see this guy in my town of Wellington, Florida all the time!!!

  • Jesus Chuy Garcia

    #33 If you notice the girl with the pink cap on is blocking the words "Chive On"

  • Lore

    I saw #31 at the Yorkdale mall in Toronto waving at little boys…

  • John Knolhoff

    #22 #24 yes and yes

  • USA

    #24 Madre de dios.

  • sean

    #24 and #36. that is all..

  • johkur

    #35 Ever been so tired your tongue fell out?

  • Tony

    #30 You put your right arm in…

  • chris h

    #33 i couldn't even get mad at my son for that. like a boss!

  • adonisallan

    XL KCCO SHIRT w/ FREE KCCO Bumper Sticker

  • eXeq

    $25 Agree!

  • mjrigs

    #33 Pretty sure adidas girl has a maxipad showing

  • zgl

    #26 – LOL!

  • Joe Mama

    #9 This weeks episode of "Fuck That Shit"

  • rob

    #4 is a homeless guy in Fort Myers Fl. Tough bastard has managed to survive the florida summers.

  • Benoit

    #24 got my attention now 😉

  • Cat_McGowan

    #24 – Depending on whether you are a pessimist or an optimist, you will see her panties as either half on or half off.

  • Tim Posta

    #18 fuck the first story, what about the second story, she punched a beach cop and he wanted a girl to punch him in the face

  • Tam Reevooh

    #24 righteous

  • Wally

    #30 I do what I want.

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