• Ralph

    GOD DAMN, I could watch her walk away all day.

  • eXeq

    THAT! is Dirty.

  • chsristianb

    Wow, more more

  • Go Bucks

    dat ass!

  • Jezamiah

    We salute you O' cameraman

  • AtotheG

    Ayass!!!! Fer days!!!

  • N868

    Is it just me or do I hear some fapping going on in the background

  • Rich

    That cameraman deserves an award

  • Leslie chow

    Boring, take nap!

  • Tigger

    Hop, skip, mind the gap!

  • Berdell

    I'd shake the camera man's hand. No homo.

  • TJO12082

    Thank you camera man!!

  • Flux

    Well not to brag but most of the girls in Slovenia look like this :). If any of you go to Venice – Italy, come visit Slovenia. only 2 hours drive from there ;). Beer is also cheep.

  • Dgaf

    Has anyone seen Mexican diver Alejandra Orozco? I think I'm in love with her…

  • Sobechi

    9876543219341 on July 29, 2009 its just heavy,, it has great pickup and the hanildng is fine but you have to rememvber that these things arent light so that why they dont handle like a sports car

  • G24

    I clicked on the video, it said 'This video is private'. Mother fuck you! It isn't private, here it is from another source. Fuck off youtube!

  • mikennc

    Why are these videos and other posts displayed as available – and when you click on it it's marked private?!?

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