True love won’t be denied by anything (13 Photos)


  • drewdeze

    awwww that's cute

  • iRiv

    This is actually really sweet and adorable. Wish them the best! 🙂

    • Xrate Decoy

      faith in humanity restored… a bit

    • mojo77

      So wierd on the Chive lately. Seems like once a week now a dust storm comes up and blows things in my eyes when I'm viewing a post. Damn you dust particles, damn you!

  • Bobby

    Shut up and take my money! :')

    • Ford

      This doesn't even make sense. Knee-jerk meme response much?

  • Gustavo Baquero

    Very nice!

  • Acr3

    This is awesome. Congratulations to them both. #11

  • Yes


  • The Bacon Chronicles

    Awww I wish her a great recovery and many years of wedded bliss! So great that they were able to do this. She looked beautiful:)

  • Dakota

    Keep calm and fuck cancer

    • MrFanceePants

      Amen to that

    • Dennis

      Agreed. My best to them both

    • Christina Bagnaschi

      That should be the next KCFC shirt at the Chivery

    • Gabriel

      Brain Tumor

    • Thomas

      Man a big amen to that.. I would totally buy a kcfc shirt.

  • TCSthesecond

    Good luck and keep us updated!

  • Woody

    Best wishes !!!

  • love

    most beautiful bride ever ❤

  • Dude Imbibes

    Does anyone have an update on them? Wondering how the surgery went and how they are doing

  • Taco_Depot

    #8 (random pic selected) — best wishes you tear-jerkers

  • KCO617

    There's something stuck in my eyes…I'm totally not crying, boss.

    Best of luck to you both, and of course, KCCO!

  • @ryan_karnes

    Well done you two. Chive on for many years of happy marriage!

  • jim

    Can we send them on a honeymoon or something? I hope we get updates!

    • Sean

      That is an awesome idea Jim!!! Maybe and hopefully our fellow Chivers would agree. I would be all in if we could set up a donation site for a honeymoon cause!!!

    • Vicki Ives (Auntie)

      jim we will be setting up a fund site on this page asap!!!

  • tv_paul

    #11 Good luck maybe once she's doing better you could enter one of those honeymoon contest like a couple did last year and the Chivers can vote to get you the honeymoon you both deserve.

  • Smooch

    Wow these onions are strong today.

  • David Allen

    Congratulations!! Hope the best for both of you and as always KCCO!!!

  • Guest

    Amazing! Cancer has no chance!

  • Guy Ford

    Congrats kids, good luck on your surgery Jaime

  • Amy

    Yes! KCCO from PDX.

  • db83

    She's having part of her brain removed, so he's having his balls removed. Standup guy.

    • db83 ducks goats

      What a fucking prick. I hope you get testicular cancer, then die in a fire you bastard. You're mother should have aborted you.

      • Random

        I think folks are overreacting.

        His joke is more clever than funny… Or mean.

        Alternatively, if you disagree, you could say something civil. You don't have to go off the deep end.

        Also, "your".

      • Jawbone

        "Boo-Hoo, my vag is absolutely PACKED with sand!!!!"

        Lighten the fuck up. Not everyone deals with uncomfortable situations the same. Go "duck" a goat.

    • Earlofawesome

      Something tells me you're single…and will be for a very long time.
      Have fun with guy.

      • db83

        Jesus. A guy can't even make a lame marriage joke people getting their panties in a bunch. What has the world come to? Lighten the fuck up, cool guy.

        • truth

          If you can't stand the flames, don't make the joke.

        • Think

          Maybe say something like that after the operation is all over n done with and it's all good but prior to the surgery that's a bit of a douchey comment

    • matt

      hahahahaha possibly inappropriate, but definitely funny

    • critical bill

      i'm pretty sure that was a joke. and a funny one. lighten up folks.

  • Kdk

    #12 what a beautiful girl 🙂 what a lucky guy. Best wishes and hopefully she comes out ok.

    P.S. Fuck Cancer!

  • Bob Pope

    I think I speak for all of us when I say we want molar of this amazing couple.

    • Guest

      You want their teeth? Weird…

      • Crazy_Jake

        I hope you mean MOAR

      • Si1entStatic

        well she does have a sweet smile. #12

    • Les Bicuspid

      Does anyone ever proof read their comment before hitting the "Submit Comment" button? Egad. I thought that my fellow Chivers are a cut above the normal dreck and trollers of most forums; perhaps I have set the bar too high?

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