True love won’t be denied by anything (13 Photos)


  • moeshere foxdale

    Very happy to see a great side of this life…truly nice…

  • Emelie

    Best wishes to this beautiful couple! Good look with the surgery and recovery to the bride. Also – fuck cancer!

  • Twin Cities Girl

    I am incredibly happy for this couple and wish them the best, I just wish gay couples were allowed the same rights…

  • golfn9

    What an amazing story, I hope we hear allot from this happy couple in the future!

  • CJD

    This is incredible

  • jofassa

    I always say that love is dead… I was wrong.

  • Chook

    Awesome story!
    Hey CHIVE! Think you could start putting the back story in a picture so those of us who use use your mobile site can see it?

  • Jameswastaken

    This is a great story, and I truly wish the best for them on their road ahead.

  • TJO12082


  • Todd S.....

    Thats a awsome story.Many wishes to them and hope everything goes good for her….
    But i gotta ask??? How come when TheChive writes a story on the top page it is overlaying on top of the pictures so u cant read the story without bugging your eyes out???Is there a fix

  • xoxoooxxxoxo


    Really hits home…. now I know there is a thing called true love..

    All the best to Jamie and Jonathan!

  • Jodie Clark

    You can read more about their story and get updates on Facebook… Jon and Jamie Tafoya. I am so happy to be a part of this family and this experience. MY SISTER IS AMAZING!!!
    Like their page to show your love…

  • nizam

    Best wishes to both brave n sweet couple god will bring lots off smiles n happines in there life amen

  • Rod

    This is amazing! I wish you guys all the best!!! Beat the hell out of that cancer!!!

  • Mordechai

    she died. end of story

  • Dan

    Bob, I think I speak for all the Chivers when I saw we would appreciate being kept up to date with Jamie's progress and recovery, if possible.

    KCCO from Aus

  • aggiemuse

    That was fantastic!

  • peladascomamaonobolsa

    Reblogged this on peladas com a mão na bolsa.

  • Amina

    That was a hell of a day, the convoy i was a part of rleold through the gate about an hour before the actual final convoy. The doors are closed and many family and friends back home can sleep a little easier knowing thier loved ones over here won’t be driving those roads anymore.

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