Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

Let’s share cats secrets on twitter here.

  • Vinny

    Dog Sat. would be way better than cats!

    • Guy

      Weak sauce brotha

    • Danny Waeltz

      Whats wrong with u man?

    • Usuck

      "grrrr I have a penis… It would be unmasculine to like cats. Liking dogs makes me seem tuff *grunt* *snort* *ball scratch* "

    • Zack Gonick

      Blasphemy. Besides, Caturday just sounds great.


      I completely agree

    • Auto

      Its cat saturday ass. Go out side with your dog crap and pick that up shithead

    • AlF

      Vinny is an idiot

    • stonewall_79

      STFU!!! and GTFOH!!!

    • ellismate

      you dont come here much… do ya vinny?

      • Jonny Napolitano

        he aint from around her

    • Joe

      Maybe a dog Sunday but taint no way we should get rid of caturday.

    • no homo

      loser, go lick your taint

  • A double

    I "first" for more chive cat action! Meooow! Cats at war was awesome!

  • Katie Davis

    Cat Saturday is early.

  • Decklin

    Love Cat Saturday

    • Tyrone

      Crazy thing is, just last night I ran over a cat. I ran over it's back legs and the top part was still alive and flopping around… so I decided I had to turn around and drive over its head and shoulders area to put it out of its misery. It was pretty gnar.

  • timbo

    How about cheetah Saturday?

    • davidhendu

      Cheetahs are cats asshole.

  • BigtotheD

    #2 Wallcat stalks his prey

    • PlegroNease

      Cat in the wall, Alright now your speaking my language

      • @JJrrake

        You dont know shit about cats

      • @JJrrake

        And hopefully HOPEFULLY itll come out

  • yup

    #29 Very classy

  • ChestRockwellz

    Cat Saturday Is the dumbest weekly post the chive has. Cats? Really? How about I'm a psycho bitch that's why ill always be single girls post?

    • Jaeger

      85% of women are pyscho bitches, As guys we know this

      • Laura Stanton

        this is true. and ya'll still can't get enough.

        • OhioChiver

          ^^ I thumb you up if for nothing more than sheer honesty. 😉

        • birdcatbirdman

          True. Please post a pic with your shirt off

    • Reginald von Finkerschnitzel

      or an attention-whoring troll section

    • Silver

      Women love cats dude. Get used to it.

    • Chivette4cats

      My husband I look forward to it every week. I'm sure you forearms look forward to it too. Finally gives them a break.

      • Kristen

        Your husband is a fag.

        • Married

          Guessing you are prob still single venomously bitter about it.

    • Chivette4cats

      My husband and I look forward to it every week. I'm sure your forearms look forward to it too. Finally gives them a break.

      • Kristen

        Again, your husband is a fag.

    • Zuke

      Hmm, most trolls would go with the "You guys are all pathetic virgin losers!" route, but going after the ladies and assuming males will come to their defense as well? How creative.

      Anyways, shit, it's a good thing that they're psycho bitches. That pairs well with many of us being crazy assholes; after all, we have to be fucking nuts, because I know I don't only speak for myself when I say I wouldn't have women be any other way. How boring would the world be if chicks weren't insane?

  • dayman

    #2 Cat in the wall, eh?!?! I know this game…

  • Cesar Villa

    #26 one day you will do my coding biding young human

    • Cesar Villa


      • db3300

        You should have corrected the whole thing.

  • Jrost

    If you don't like Cat Saturday, then I don't like you.

    • Fred

      that makes you a pickle chugger

    • Cat in the Hat

      Haters gotta hate, You could be the best at loving dogs and there will always be That person who hates you

      • Top Dog

        you could be the best at stealing quotes you saw on theChive, but there will always be someone who hates you.

  • Kodos

    Not even a pair of breasts or supple thighs cradling our furry friends to make this post even slightly appealing?

    As your cat overlord would no doubt say: I AM DISPLEASED…..

    • bunny on nite shift

      And about half are repeats. Lazy Cat Saturday.

    • Zuke

      Well, as a person who has access to the rest of the site and the endless supply of pictures of women contained therein, I say you're stupid. Why the hell would you even click on a link to freaking 'cat saturday' rather than the innumerable other links that clearly do contain hot chicks if that was what you were looking for?

  • Jrderp

    I bet #1 is looking at kitty porn

    • Doctor Icetea

      You mean pussy?

    • Hansel

      I see what you did there… Gross, but clever none the less

  • Jrderp

    #26 come human this way to freedom

  • fureal

    kats r teh ghey

  • John

    You guys know what would make Cat Saturday even better than it already is?

    • wtf?


  • Cat in the Hat

    # This school is for pussies

    • Puss in Boots

      #1 This school is for pussies

  • basf1979

    #29 hurry up moron!!!

  • basf

    #29 hurry up moron!!!

  • Lauren

    I love cat Saturday!

  • Danimal

    Boy if these walls could meow….

  • Ashleyrose

    Such a good post !

  • OhioChiver

    #16 Your reaction after two days of no internet and realize you can now surf theChive again. 😉

    • Eureka

      Best. Line. Ever. This made me laugh more than the GIF.

  • Kirk Schuman


  • Ahrash

    #16, Ive been discovered!!!

    • Jawbone

      Hahahahaha!!!!! I'll bet that's exactly what it was thinking!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

      Ahhhh….. Good times…..

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