Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

Let’s share cats secrets on twitter here.

  • GlamourPuss

    I LOVE CAT SATURDAY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! TX Chive for making my day go by faster at work!! MEAOWWWWWW!!!

    • iChive

      You have to work Saturdays? That's, like, illegal and communist and shit.

  • derp
  • Harris

    Number twenty is so cute and number twenty seven is soo smart.

  • Jack

    Looks like just about freezing.
    Whoa, wait, celsius?
    What's that about?

  • Brown

    #20 and #12 are awesome

  • davidhendu

    #21 looks like an even more pathetic version of an 80's ballad video.

  • adonisallan

    XL KCCO SHIRT w/ FREE KCCO Bumper Sticker


    #5 That cat his one weird lookin boner!

  • Concerned Chiver

    Please get rid of cat saturday…..horrible

  • Reggie Canuck

    Cats rock. I dig cat Saturdays!

  • Gallus

    I think #8 is kind of cruel. If I did that to my kitties, they would be scared to death.

  • adowaconan

    it is so cute!

    • i know that place

      this is King st Station in Charleston, SC
      This is the replacement cat because someone let the last one out the door….

      • patricklarnold

        Wow. I was just about to ask if this was AM Mart in Baton Rouge, where I used to live. Instead it's in Charleston, where I now live. Small world.

  • Stick

    Hey, these aren't dogs!
    Why must cats get all the love?

  • jersey

    dont hate on cat saturday! its the best!

  • B Dub

    #1 Just making $440 Million in stock trades for Knight Capital….
    #29 I love cats… I think about how cute they are, And how their ears and the whiskers and the nose. I just love them, And I want them, And I want them in a basket, And I want little bow ties…..
    Great, now I have that song stuck in my head again!!!

  • Jason

    26 is a repeat, but 27 is awesome! Must not be the first time that kitten was sittin there

  • guest

    cat saturday is pretty polarizing

  • El_profe

    #26 "I know it's a scary world out there Billy, but your constant crying is keeping me up. Now go, be free!"

  • tatertots

    If you dont like Caturday… gtfo

  • gimletmike

    #23 Mini Meow

  • Nighteye2

    #27 is comedic gold ^_^

  • Brian Wanueka

    #19 times are tough… Travel for free!!

  • Bee

    Dude, I live for cat saturday.

  • tx barista

    I reminded my 3D BFM customer that today was cat Saturday!

  • Jared Erwin

    Cat Saturday sucks!! Stupid creatures, id like to roundhouse kick every single one of these stupid cats!!

    • Amv8

      fuck you asshole you hate cats then dont click on the link

    • jjj

      then gtfo

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