Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (20 HQ Photos)

  • it's a cardigan

    #12 & #16 love it

    • The Underling

      #16 – claire sanders NSFW

      • DickFister

        That top button needs to give up the fight

  • Mike

    #8 perfectly captures the spirit of the HGiN posts.

  • johnnystyle

    Gaaah! #10
    Everything about that pic is amazing!

    • gma

      She is really terrific. Screaming hot Hufflepuff.

    • Jon

      Everything about that pic is amazing…except the really ugly girl sitting in a field. If a photographer is going to be lazy and cliche, at least the photographer should find someone attractive.

    • Spliggs

      They could run this pic every week, that'd be fine with me.

  • HOOK

    #1,#8,#16,#20…WOW,now thats a line of fire…GORGEOUS

  • Jamie Carter


    • Jon

      #3 is quite possibly the most boring and cliche picture I've ever seen.

  • Reggie Canuck

    #16. Real darn hot. #10. Smokin hot.

    • guest


      • Canadian guest

        That's all his mom, who wished she looked this hot at any time in her life, would allow him to say 😉

        • Reggie Canuck

          Guess what you simple fuck? I would like nothing better than to shove a lacrosse stick up your ass after beating you like an Irish orphan. Hugs and kisses from Peterborough, Ontario.

          • Hugh

            Keep calm and chive on Reggie Canuck. I think heck, darn and son of a bean shooter are all terms we need to hear more. And as for your taste in women…..#16 is darn hot and then some.

            • Drew

              #16 = claire sanders nsfw

              • wm b dover

                Yes, yes she is.

      • Reggie Canuck

        Ya. Darn. I would like nothing better than to pimp slap you. Believe me.

  • Purplehoodedpython

    #16,#20 God damn beautiful.

    • CoolHandLuke

      #16,C'mon baby pop,pop!

      • drew

        #16 = claire sanders nsfw .. enjoy

        • Hook

          You sir,are brilliant.Thank you.

  • CAS

    #1#3 hotttt. Wanttt

  • CutlerC


    and i would happily go nowhere with you.

    • Zoe Woodward

      Hey that's me! How flattering 🙂

      • CutlerC

        one of the best ways to enjoy and afternoon is on the grass, in the sun with a couple beers. it's also an amazing photo, and your a beautiful girl.

  • tim

    #1 if you look up perfect legs in the dictionary it just shows this picture. Dayum

    • yeh

      dictionaries don't have pictures

  • jellyfish

    shyrak in that pak looks toyt. iyt

  • Ed Koy


  • Glen

    MOAR of #4

  • Skiface


  • nate

    Find her!!!!! #9

  • shralp

    #14 If she were a president, she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln

    • Garth

      Wayne's World! well done

    • Tor


  • Richard

    Too many mail order brides photos.

  • whyme1973

    #1 #16 #20 Damn they are fine!

  • @RickvdS

    Not enough, we want more! High demands I have 🙂

  • tomchalm

    #4 is breathtaking. #13 is absolutely tantalizing!

    • Qatastrophe

      #13 Zell Suicide

      • Heads Up


  • jwsibert

    "I knew I forgot something this morning……. pants!"

    • assman

      she looks like the rising freshman chick from dazed and confused, the one that the pale skinny nerd hooks up with….all grown up and hot

  • Razor

    Number 10 is an eleven! Wow…if beauty were measured in time, she would be eternity.

    • Hunter


  • YeahDawg23

    #10 SuperWin

  • Kodos

    That looks uncomfortable.

    Also possibly illegal… why do you torment me so??

  • bobert22

    You need to rename this 'girls' posed in the middle of nowhere by boyfriends who think they are 'artists'

    it is getting lame. buck up and try harder

    • Lotus

      You imply Mac is trying, this post has been a horrible one every since its creation.

      • MohawkJon

        Do you hate women?

        Do you hate fun?

        Faith in people gone.

      • A Gentleman

        agreed. it's just lazy.

    • Alex

      You're crying about pics of hot chicks? Fuck you on this site for? Do you really care what the fucking background is?


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