Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (20 HQ Photos)

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    […] The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere. […]

  • Anonymous

    sexy photos

  • wowzer112

    #10 for the win!

  • jellyfish

    how many times have i told u to stop?

  • jellyfish

    please u ignorant twat

  • Steve

    Please find #9, we need moar.

  • MattKL

    #10 Moar of this pretty lady please.

  • jellyfish

    is britain gonna sit back and let china and merica win the British Olympics ????? i'm sorry but im going to have to pull britain out of the shit on a world level ???? pressure theres fukin loads of u.

  • jellyfish

    wasnt there a time when we owned china?? and im sure we invaded merica back when pocahontas was reppin???

  • jellyfish

    china should win gynastics=ninja's ,merica should win shuutin = ermmmm, blighty should in my theory theriecticaly win every thing else

  • jellyfish

    i mean u can only do your best and get gold, should be a gold plus platinum encrusted jewels, < there again thank me when u run out of ideas just put another medal out there fukin el, turner prise once again goes to me.

  • jellyfish

    when im governer of california all hells goner break loose women andrea

  • jellyfish

    if china wins i think every country should act like china. just cuss theres more of them doesnt mean the rule of (whatever that rule is when theres more to pick from) there wank at football, maybe) ester ranztzen over and out.

  • jellyfish

    i hope u drill this message in to everyone including andrea second thoughts leave andrea for me the british beut

  • jellyfish

    #16 and book me a day with her.

  • jellyfish


    • jellyfish

      does that mean i have visit her mothers ???

  • Alex

    #4 I'm in LOVE…. MOAR

  • GUI

    #11 that Amy Lee look does something for me!

  • Manley muppet

    3 words: Sexy but MOAR!!!!

  • B-to-the-H

    #16 – Tell me I'm not the only one who stared intently at this waiting for the buttons to pop off.

  • Mark

    #20, I'd love to be in the middle of THAT GAP!

  • Mark Schaberg

    #16 #20 FTW!!!

  • Swarley

    #4 #13 #16

  • Bob

    #16…Put all efforts into finding this one.

  • jrcasmir

    woah #6, #9

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