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  • Jrost

    I hope to someday make it onto this glorious page.

    • luke

      How long does it take for them to post a picture that has been submitted?

      • adam

        it will never be posted

      • Kristen

        3 minutes…unless you're an ugly little fucktwat.

  • Jrod


  • Brent

    # 12 LoL

  • Brent

    #12 oops

    • cherryfarmer

      I know I'm old when I had to look what ten ten ten twenties was. I miss the time when songs didn't repeat the same line 27 times.

    • goForth

      Funny as hell but actually a fake story in the chick's college paper.

  • Meadows

    #23 instant way of getting that aged barrel taste.

  • nomeansyes

    #27 blackout korea

  • Jason


  • thebigbangdito


    someone needs to go buy a hat for awhile..

    • *dash*

      or he could shave the rest of his head

      • mike~

        I would get my friends back so severely for this. Having to gold bald is a white guys worst nightmare.

  • Nickey J

    <img src="">#15 She got drunk and made an exhibition of herself. So shame <img src=""&gt;

    • Zuke

      It's also shame that you appear to not fully grasp English and thus say things like a person "made an exhibition" of themselves.

      But only a bit shame.

  • Austin

    What would happen if Chuck Norris kidnapped Liam Neeson's daughter?

    • KFAD

      Trying way to hard.

    • 98409

      you'd have a really lame internet meme.

    • Zuke

      I'm pretty sure Liam Neeson would call the police and Chuck Norris would be arrested and charged with kidnapping.

      A better question; what would happen if someone went to a page and left a completely unrelated response consisting of 2 old, tired memes in an awkward attempt at humor?

      I'm positive I know the answer to that one; they'd look like a oblivious idiot.

  • Trav1121

    #27 passed out on the cleanest train EVER!

    • zorq

      Almost made it, only boxers and one sock left… hmm, quitter!!

  • mateo

    If you want what we have and are willing to go to any lengths to get it, then you are ready to take certain steps..

  • KFAD

    Nice work!

    • Danielle

      y thank you 🙂

    • Zuke

      Everyone knows all that dude is thinking is "Yes…"

      Or maybe he's wondering whether or not he should try offering her more beer, idk.

  • Some girl

    #12. And she don't. Giva. Fuck.

  • illWill

    #16 Ordered Grand Slam w/ pancakes — > Only one kind of syrup

    • Derek

      hey, that's the circle drive Denny's in Saskatoon! Common sight around 3 am 🙂

      • CanuckSoldier

        Yea I was just thinking the same thing! Thought it looked familiar.

  • Havaard

    #30 Courtesy passout stands… we need more of these.

    • pabis

      Nascar takes care of its fans

  • Ryan Davis

    #12 is some funny ass shit

  • Alex

    #16 you stay classy Alabama

    • ThatGuy

      more like Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Pretty much the same idea though

  • Reggie Canuck

    Drunkin pantloads one and all.

  • Paweł Smołka

    Yup! That's definitely NOT a sea sickness…

  • K.Bacon


    Whoever wasted the bacon should be shot

  • Anthony Davis

    Friend of mine at Tomorrowland.

    • really

      You say that as though you are proud.. Nothing like having ahole friends..

  • Will

    #31 I have those same shoes!!

    • heywood jablowme

      if thats the case then you deserve the same chalk outline.

  • DickFister

    Looks like a sausage fest

  • KCo

    The friend's face #19

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