• Alex

    I can't do that. I'm impressed.

  • andy

    I enjoyed it but doesnt seem to be much to do with Djing

  • mike

    I dont get what they like about this damm noise. only way i can litsen to it is if you show me hot girls dancing to it.

  • bjorndavidson

    make it stop!

  • Micks

    WOW thats sick! where can we get this track? plus, Who's that DJ??

    • Jeff

      It's Skrillex, Weekends

    • neXx

      – m4sonic // weapons

  • https://www.facebook.com/josh.miller.9480 Josh Miller

    were all just going to assume he/she is asian, right?

  • Applefish

    Take that Beethoven!

  • juice


  • Breynolds

    Is this somewheres on the youtubes?who is this?

  • brett


  • http://www.facebook.com/nate.birkas Nate Birkas-Schatz

    Look at all these uneducated dipshit haters!! You can sit there and say that a Piano or Guitar requires "True skills" but lets see you try to do this.. you probably couldn't even hook it up!! haha.

    and before you say "oh dumb kid you don't know anything about real music", yea guess what, before I was into EDM music I listened to (and still listen to) bands like Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, Megadeth, the list goes on and on and on and on.. everyone, stop being haters. Just cause you don't know anything about something, doesn't make it illegitimate.

  • CheckThis

    I prefer this one, 2:30 on is the best part

  • Dreski03



    This isn't DJing. It's technically a live performance. DJing Requires some sort of controller be it CDJs, Turntables or midi controller and a mixer.

    • Clipping Path

      The LaunchPad is a midi controller. He's simply queuing samples from Ableton like any other DJ on a midi controller that has an interface.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kingsmyle Lorenzo Jordan

    this man is incredible

  • lexvd

    Cool vid. Talking about vids, look what this chiver is wearing: http://youtu.be/8ybXnSkqayY?t=1m30s

  • @lackofabetter

    Feel free to wash your ears out here.

  • Sleeping Giant

    What's the big deal with all the Elitist comments "this is not music" or "this is not an instrument"?

    Sure it is. I play the guitar, the bass guitar, drums (and I have proof) but I still really enjoyed this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It's got a great beat too. This probably won't appeal to everyone, but damn, this is just music, why so serious? Just have fun.

  • just me

    house music is better

  • Homage

    you call that djing???? I'm losing hope in humanity

  • lexvd

    The maker is called M4SONIC the music is titled Weapon. http://youtu.be/3vC5TsSyNjU Have fun 😀

  • GeoQuin4

    That is some serious talent and muscle memory. Kudos to that guy.

  • MostHated

    If this is how they all do it, i have a new found respect.

  • Spellwvr

    So that's what passes for music these days? I weep for the future…

  • Euroranger

    While the music nerds rage over whether this is musical skill or not…I was fairly impressed that he could manipulate 64 keys like that and have the device make the sounds he wants it to make.

    Unlike a keyboard, you pretty much have to memorize what sound every key on that pad makes. Whereas you hit a 'C' on a piano and the ones next to it are 'B' and 'D' (yes, I know all about the black ones so let's go ahead and ignore that rebuttal in advance).

    I personally prefer music from actual instruments but I can readily appreciate the skill necessary to do what that dude just did. Most of us ain't got it.

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