• SuperDanMan4290

    That just blew my mind! 😀



  • MasterFlash

    Not sure. How'd you do it? Maybe you could give him some advice.

  • karol

    This is a video of some guy playing Lights Out over dub step music.. not impressed

    • karl


  • DJ Goodtimes

    Talented skills using a board-YES
    Talented DJ Skills- NO

  • https://www.facebook.com/olivervorian.wang Oliver Vorian Wang

    AAAAAAAND this way lie the elitists.

  • Jon

    AraabMuzik puts this guy to shame…

  • The Truth

    Wow the new simon says looks complicated.

  • Diabadass

    After playing DJ Hero, I could do that… That's really cool, I like it!

  • wongu

    I'm pretty sure this is Madeon… here's a link to his other song "Pop Culture"…

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Great video of the finger dance off on the Billy Jean light up dance floor. Tough call on the winner though. His right made more technical moves, ho ever his left had that little "in your face" stomp at the end. What's that? That is not the purpose of this clip? Oh snap!!!!!

  • joediese

    Real DJ-ing skills.

  • joediese

    Real DJ-ing skills.

    • Opieman

      And the elderly haters looked at this in the 90s and asked the world, "What is this garbage? This isn't music!".

  • Guest

    This is not a DJ.. this is a producer. get your title right. noobs.

  • Nico

    If u liked this u should all look to araab muzik… Mad producer from America… Does all type of styles, hip hop, dance, dnb, etc…

  • https://www.facebook.com/Drakedragon1315 Alex Pullen

    you're welcome.

  • alan

    this is really bad when your connection is slow …

  • sdchiver

    reminds me of aarab music anyone know if this is him?

  • Michael

    I wouldn't have remembered the first 3 drum pads…this dude must be impossible to play Simon against.

  • Zexed

    Map out the keys, add a GUI on a computer, BOOM! DJ Hero mk II

  • Opieman

    mu·sic   [myoo-zik]
    1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

    Can we admit that any combination of sound and silence is technically music? And anyone who produces it is technically a musician?

    I'm a little surprised to see such close-mindedness on the internet.

  • CrunchyGuru

    This will be the new form of communication in 300 years, like that episode of Star Trek Voyager.

  • Adam

    For those of you who say this is not DJ'ing you're clearly retarded! Any moron these days can take 2 digital tracks, sync them up with the push of a button and slide a fader from one to the next, not that difficult. You have no idea the level of difficulty this is, he literally composed an entire song right before your eyes using 64 samples and a beat pad. This is true DJ skills!

    • sl1200mkii

      You're right about one thing, in fact there are countless programs out there that make so you don't even have to use the crossfader. Anyone and everyone can be a DJ now, all you need is a laptop.

      Now to be a true DJ, take two or more analog tracks and do the same thing without any programed assistance, all while keeping the crowd going, on a limited time span, with people screaming in your ear to play "their song." That is what it used to mean to be a DJ.

      The guy does have skill, but it's essentially watching someone play 'guitar hero/dj hero/etc' on a controller with 64 buttons. It's a midi keyboard with a different key layout. Sure, I couldn't do that but I have never practiced it. The closest thing I have ever messed with was an mpc1000 (basically same thing without as many buttons), didn't like it because I prefer DJing to this sort of thing.

      Takes skill, yes, and this guy has plenty of it, but not DJ skills. That doesn't make me retarded for saying that. Just able to know the difference between being a disc jockey and something else.

      I have been DJing since 1997, played numerous clubs, parties, you name it and have been in the middle of the transition from analog to digital, vinyl to cd's then mps; mixers, turntables and bulky equipment to an imac with a 'dj program'.

      • sl1200mkii

        *mp3, not mps

  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    This isn't "DJing" and in my opinion, Madeon is much better

  • U-SUCK

    What the fuck is this??? You're not a DJ, just a fucken button pusher. Get some turntales and vinyl and learn what real DJing is all about!

    • Zexed

      Blame the post author, as the artist might not have called himself a DJ.

  • Micho

    how can i get this on my ipod?

    • Zexed

      Download, convert, sync, job done

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