• NickM

    That has to be Madeon – the only pair of man hands I've ever been jealous of. Except whoever gets to grab Emma Stone's ass… I'm also jealous of that.

  • ruff tone

    That's not DJing, that's producing. Regardless, that was pretty damn good.

  • J-Walk

    Hey Chive,

    Cool video but he/she isn't actually Djing. Not trying to be a jerk but that's not being a DJ, that playing a drum machine. Just saying. Not trying to be Negative Neil but please respect the real art form. Love the site. KCCO!

  • weizy22

    i remember my first beer

  • Bostonchiver
  • https://www.facebook.com/jpeafeet John Curtis

    kid's 17 yo

  • john comment

    Nice trick. But this is basically the same as some guy who wastes a month of his life memorizing how to play the entire Mario theme song on a guitar, but can't play a damn thing improvised or on the spot. "DJ"s who set up these kinds of demonstrations are like one-trick ponies. This sort of thing isn't done on the fly, let alone during any live DJ set in a club for longer than 5 minutes.

    Real DJ's are masters of selecting the perfect music for the crowd – not button mashers.

  • Tyler

    I find it amazing that Chivers, can't just let people be and do what they want. I'm a Chiver just like the rest of you, why do we have to be so negative. The guy is talented, who cares if it's not your type of music, respect him anyways. Some of you people dont deserve to be called Chivers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eyaad.love رجہہلے شہرقہيے


    • http://www.facebook.com/eyaad.love رجہہلے شہرقہيے

      "مرحبا ادمن معك اياد خوري احد اعضاء شبكة ريف حلب c.n.n على الانترنت و نحنا اليوم قررنا نشتغل في شبكة فيس بوك الاشتماعية و اذا انت مع الشعب السوري في الانتصار على النظام الوحشي القاتل للنساء و الاطفال و كبار السن فقم معنة بدعم صفحتنة على الفيس بوك و اتمنى منكم الدعم الكبير للصفحة الصفحة الرسمية لشبكة ريف حلب C.N.N http://www.facebook.com/C.N.N.Aleppo

  • GuntherSquirrel

    One of the top comments on youtube: "he fingered a girl once…. she died" I lol'd at that I must say

  • Dejavuvideo

    that is not a DJ just pressing sample buttons

  • Zach

    I can't believe people can just go and badmouth this guy. I've been learning this stuff lately, and I gotta say this guy deserves serious credit. Some of you say it's just 'button mashing', but in all honesty this stuff is incredibly hard! Mapping everything to the Novation Launchpad, memorizing where everything is, and being able to put together a song, and then perform it live is definitely something worth more recognition than it's getting.

    And just a quick note to those Chivers who don't understand the concept of DJing: It has evolved since the 1990's. While using a vinyl record used to be how it's done, it has evolved with the music, and things are going in a digital direction. I'm not disrespecting users of vinyl, as it is a hard skill to learn, but they're no better than current DJ's who use turntables with digital software. I mean, I can absolutely guarantee 90% of people who are talking wouldn't be able to successfully DJ an event. I have done many events myself (Using digital methods) and between learning how everything works, troubleshooting, and DJing itself, it's alot more difficult than many of you believe. If you think it's easy, please go out there and prove me wrong. Go and make yourself known worldwide within the next week. I would *LOVE* to see someone with no knowledge or experience of DJing show me how easy it is to do. It takes a large amount of time and effort.

    Well, to sum it up:
    1)Great video, extremely impressive.
    2) Internet trolls are trolls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kris.hoffman.50 Kris Hoffman

    it's pre programmed :-/ I can tell by the pixels

  • http://www.iamandymcdonald.com Android McDownload

    Man, people. Why does the musical tool even matter? I play a "regular" instrument, and I enjoy everything about this. It's not what or how you play, it's what comes out of it and do you like doing it and do people want to hear it.

    Music: Stop over thinking this — it just has to sound good to your ears. If it sounds good to other people's ears, you make money.

  • abadox

    Dude, this is awesome. fuck the haters.

  • altec7777

    o and here's your rollingstone article that goes on to prove my point…maybe you should actually read what your citing next time…. KCCO bitch

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