Battle of the Bars – Houston wins theCHIVE Meetup, RSVP right now!

Last week, we asked the Chivers vote on where to throw our next Chive Meetup. After an intense voting session, our Houston Chivers staged a last minute comeback on Facebook and Twitter to pull off a miraculous victory.

Here's how it will work, the first 500 people to RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com will receive an online ticket to the event. We'll allow a +1, but please include your full name , the name of your guest, and allow 24 hours for confirmation. The tickets are free, the alcohol is free, but you have to be quick on the draw to get a ticket, we have lot of Houston Chivers. You must receive a confirmation to attend, must be 21+

The Chive Meetup will be held on Thursday, August 23rd from 9pm to 12am at:

Lucky's Pub
801 St Emanuel St
Houston, TX 77003

If you're in the Houston area or will be, RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com and come have a drink with your fellow Chivers!

Special thanks to the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son for sponsoring the event.

See you in Houston!

  • Ashcat

    Where is the other chive spot people are trying to set up? I did t get an RSVP and I still want to meet chivers!!!

    • U-R-NO-Z

      By what I've seen it looks like Little Woodrows.. Hope to see you there.. KCCO..

      • Ruben

        which one?? I found three different locations…

        • U-R-NO-Z

          I think midtown.

          • Ruben

            did you get an RSVP? and/or are you going to woodrows? just trying to see if anyone's gonna be out there

  • Legit T

    did anyone get a ticket!? We RSVP'ed like 30 seconds after the announcement and havent gotten a thing. Good thingour company has them as a client just in case lol

  • mikeraw

    I didn't get anything, but I'm buddies with all the waitresses and I'm set… I hear they're closing down at 7:00 PM and then opening at 9:00 PM, so it looks like we're gonna have to wait in line

  • Girl

    sent in the email the same time as all my friends and i was the only one to get a ticket.. i was also the only girl.. coincidence? i think now. GOING ANYWAY by myself and making new friends!! KCCO

  • Randy Gomez

    So Little Woodrow's it is?

  • Ruben

    are people meeting at Woodrow's?

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