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Battle of the Bars – Houston wins theCHIVE Meetup, RSVP right now!

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Last week, we asked the Chivers vote on where to throw our next Chive Meetup. After an intense voting session, our Houston Chivers staged a last minute comeback on Facebook and Twitter to pull off a miraculous victory.

Here's how it will work, the first 500 people to RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com will receive an online ticket to the event. We'll allow a +1, but please include your full name , the name of your guest, and allow 24 hours for confirmation. The tickets are free, the alcohol is free, but you have to be quick on the draw to get a ticket, we have lot of Houston Chivers. You must receive a confirmation to attend, must be 21+

The Chive Meetup will be held on Thursday, August 23rd from 9pm to 12am at:

Lucky's Pub
801 St Emanuel St
Houston, TX 77003

If you're in the Houston area or will be, RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com and come have a drink with your fellow Chivers!

Special thanks to the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son for sponsoring the event.

See you in Houston!

  • Sam Arevalo

    has anyone gotten a confirmation yet?

    • Tifa

      Nope, still waiting at least I am not the only one. I sent the email 30min after post:/

    • Mark

      I think they are making us sweat… i sent mine 5 mins after it went up

  • Ryan

    I was about to ask the same thing.

  • Chiver713


  • Graham

    I hope I made it in time. Was busy all day yesterday and didn't have time to jump on the Chive.

  • Jonathan

    Anyone heard anything?

    • Matt

      No, I'm chomping at the bit!! I surely thought I would have gotten an email by now, but nothing yet. I RSVP'd about 15 minutes after the post so I don't know if I made it in time. I'll let you know if I get anything today.

  • dfdfegerrg

    its been over 24 hours this is driving me crazy

    • Carson

      Agreed. I want to know if I need to take off work

  • Kobie

    I'm dying to know!!

  • Littlet

    me too!!!

  • Brittany

    Guys update pleaseeeeeee it doesn't look like anyone has gotten a ticket yet

  • Camrie

    Any confirmations yet?

  • Tifa

    Just got my CONFIRMATION!!! Thanks CHIVE, I can't wait!!!🙂

    • dustin

      i dont think they rear got it. There would be a lot more people saying they got it

      • Jonathan

        Fair enough.

    • Brittany

      What time did you send your email??

      • Tifa

        Within 30 min of when they posted not sure about exact time because I refreshed the page every 30 min so I might have refreshed it when they had barely posted it. So It had to be between 1-30min.

  • Kobie


  • dustin

    I sent my email when there was only one comment.. like less then five min after the post and no email yet!! WTH


      Emailed them right after the post. Then told 2 coworkers about and then they emailed (clearly after me!). needless to say they got RSVPs and I didnt. Im not usually one to bitch but thats is some BS.

  • Nick

    Did we need to send our first middle and last name?

  • dustin

    Ive been checking my email like every hour today.. this is starting to suck

  • Jarvis

    Got my confirmation!! I'm totally bringing home a slutty Chivette

    • Horny

      Oops meant to thumbs up

  • Davis

    I just got mine and full VIP for being in the first 20 people to respond!!! whoop whoop party time!! xD

    • Swamp1983

      did you send your first middle and last name or first and last?

  • Tifa

    less than 30min after post🙂

  • anxious chiver

    wow tifa got a confirmation and she only sent hers in the first 30 minutes. im sure i sent mine in the first 10 and very easily the first 5 minutes. if i dont get a confirmation this could really gonna change my opinion of the chive

    • Tifa

      Sorry It may have been sooner because I refreshed the page and it popped up. I was refreshing every 30min so I am not sure when exactly they posted the post. I just know it had to have been within 30 min:/ I hope you get confirmation soon

    • Ashley

      Yeah I've been posted on the Chive 4x in the past year & haven't heard back also. Very upsetting.

  • ColeFromTexas

    I sent in my email between the 15-20 minute mark and I have yet to see anything….. Nor have my buddies who sent it in immediately after me.

  • Michael

    I am in! The wife and I get our first night out since the baby was born. Any babysitters here? LOL! Thanks Chive!! Counting the days!

  • Matt

    I received my RSVP notice exactly 45 minutes ago and it said, "YOU HAVE BEEN RSVP’d FOR THE CHIVE HOUSTON MEETUP!" I am so excited – Hope to see you all there!!

  • sad

    I wish something was posted stating that either all invites have been sent out, or they are in the process of being sent out…..

  • chas

    wow i guess im not going i thought for sure id get in seeing as there was only like 5 comments on the post

    • ColeFromTexas


  • Greg

    Sweet!! Just got my confirmation to chive on. See you there.

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