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Battle of the Bars – Houston wins theCHIVE Meetup, RSVP right now!

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Last week, we asked the Chivers vote on where to throw our next Chive Meetup. After an intense voting session, our Houston Chivers staged a last minute comeback on Facebook and Twitter to pull off a miraculous victory.

Here's how it will work, the first 500 people to RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com will receive an online ticket to the event. We'll allow a +1, but please include your full name , the name of your guest, and allow 24 hours for confirmation. The tickets are free, the alcohol is free, but you have to be quick on the draw to get a ticket, we have lot of Houston Chivers. You must receive a confirmation to attend, must be 21+

The Chive Meetup will be held on Thursday, August 23rd from 9pm to 12am at:

Lucky's Pub
801 St Emanuel St
Houston, TX 77003

If you're in the Houston area or will be, RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com and come have a drink with your fellow Chivers!

Special thanks to the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son for sponsoring the event.

See you in Houston!

  • Jasonchive

    Doesn't look like I got in….. But I'm gonna kcco and party downtown anyway. It would be great to get in though!!!!

  • Robert Bence

    this sucks looks like i did not get it

  • heightschivette

    Let's make an alternate meet up that night— celtic? midtown in general? I saw it pretty damn fast and didn't get it either!! Just got my first ever shirt today!!

    • Ryan

      I haven't gotten a confirmation email so I figure I didn't get in. Might make a trip down from Dallas for the weekend anyways.

    • chive it

      We would prolly have just as many chivers at an alternate. Lets make it known!!

    • jessicaredd

      yes… let's make an alternate!

    • Jasonchive

      Already heard of an alternate meetup at little Woodrow's ….

      • heightschivette

        Woodrows would be perfect- either way midtown will be overrun

        • heightschivette

          Must be overrun!

        • AshcatAsh

          Is Woodrow's the meet up spot for people who didn't make the cut or somewhere else?

    • Robert Bence

      i am down

    • jessicaredd

      someone make a facebook group?

    • Randy Gomez

      you guys like the trendy midtown scene? D-:

      • chive it


    • Matt

      Eh would prefer like Brixx or Kung Fu

      • chive it

        Make that shit

    • JennyChive

      Sugarland town center at baker st?

  • Josh R.

    Responded within 20 mins of the post…no rsvp reply. Lame-o. Have fun people.

  • chris

    whoop whoop… this night is going to be epic

  • Kevin Bury

    Well I may have been screwed out of a KCCO, but I am going to the meet up!

  • JennyChive

    I never got a RSVP.

  • Brian

    I'm fucking sad. I didn't get an RSVP yet….still waiting….

  • Jeramie Casiano

    No RSVP, anyone get one ?

    • JennyChive

      No😦 and I sent it about 25min after it started.

  • Heightschivette

    EXTRA MEETUP Little Woodrows…. Facebook event KCCO HOUSTON CHIVERS

    • Roger Burris

      I will be there, lets burn that bitch down! Bringing all the Galveston Chivers and Chivettes with.

    • Randy Gomez

      I searched for this event but couldn't find it:-/

    • matt

      aww why we have to be a urban hillbilly bar

    • U-R-NO-Z

      So is the other meet up at little woodrows or what?? I want to hang with some Chivers!!

  • Kerri Lynn Truelove

    No RSVP email confirmation for me. Womp. Womp. Womp. It's ok. I'll just KCCO!

    • Kobie

      We should go to Little Woodrow's Kerri!!!! It's right across the road!

  • valeriecefre

    Weeping tears… OF JOY SUCKAS!!! So you there!

    • MrN00DLE

      you're so evil. lol. lucky ass you are. i havent heard back from them.

  • Jeramie Casiano

    It sounds like the meet up for the REAL cool kids will be going on else where. Bringing the crew, it's goin down !!!

  • JonBarkerChive

    How do we know if we made the RSVP? I haven't received an email back😐

  • Swamp1983

    just got mine 17 mins ago, wew I can can breath now, just hoping to arrive early enough to get in.

  • that_dude_b

    i wonder how many people RSVP'd and don't even live down here and have no intent on coming…

    • Robert b.

      I know right.

    • dfdfegerrg

      i know man i was all excited cuz i sent my rsvp immediately but now im just bummed. i dont even feel like checking out the chive post anymore

  • Mike

    Got my RSVP confirmation last night at about midnight. Check your emails! See you fuckers there!

  • Ray

    Would be nice if they sent an email either way so we knew.

  • El Taco

    i think i didn't make the cut…and i wanted to sport my new biggums😦

  • HtownChiver

    did they send out the RSVP notice yet?…. I guess I was too late.

  • JennyChive

    Everyone check emails again. They sent my RSVP around midnight/1am. But I didn't check my emails until fifteen mins ago. *fingers crossed for y'all* ❤ btw.

  • Ruben

    I live in houston and haven't recieved any confirmation yet. how many people already got theirs?


    Chive, would u do some of us peeps a favor and send an email wether we got the RSVP or not?

    I'm still wishful thinkin that I made it, lol

  • dfdfegerrg

    yea i still dont see any event on facebook for the ppl that got fvcked out of a confirmation

  • Pissed off

    My friend got his RSVP but I did not. I submitted mine 5 minutes before too. That makes sense.

    Just like the free chive shirt I didnt get for making it to the finals on the cat fort (dark castle).

    Same with not posting shit that I send it but always seeing repeats.

    • pissed

      Thats real messed up. Wasnt sure if I was being a sore loser or if I got cheated. I sent my rsvp in immediately when it posted. I didnt have anyway to be sure like you do but I felt like I got cheated too.

      Its prolly not the chives fault. I knew things would start getting screwed up the more popular the chive got.

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