Battle of the Bars – Houston wins theCHIVE Meetup, RSVP right now!

Last week, we asked the Chivers vote on where to throw our next Chive Meetup. After an intense voting session, our Houston Chivers staged a last minute comeback on Facebook and Twitter to pull off a miraculous victory.

Here's how it will work, the first 500 people to RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com will receive an online ticket to the event. We'll allow a +1, but please include your full name , the name of your guest, and allow 24 hours for confirmation. The tickets are free, the alcohol is free, but you have to be quick on the draw to get a ticket, we have lot of Houston Chivers. You must receive a confirmation to attend, must be 21+

The Chive Meetup will be held on Thursday, August 23rd from 9pm to 12am at:

Lucky's Pub
801 St Emanuel St
Houston, TX 77003

If you're in the Houston area or will be, RSVP to chiveonhouston [at] gmail [dot] com and come have a drink with your fellow Chivers!

Special thanks to the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son for sponsoring the event.

See you in Houston!

  • Jasonchive

    Doesn't look like I got in….. But I'm gonna kcco and party downtown anyway. It would be great to get in though!!!!

  • Robert Bence

    this sucks looks like i did not get it

  • heightschivette

    Let's make an alternate meet up that night— celtic? midtown in general? I saw it pretty damn fast and didn't get it either!! Just got my first ever shirt today!!

    • Ryan

      I haven't gotten a confirmation email so I figure I didn't get in. Might make a trip down from Dallas for the weekend anyways.

    • chive it

      We would prolly have just as many chivers at an alternate. Lets make it known!!

    • jessicaredd

      yes… let's make an alternate!

    • Jasonchive

      Already heard of an alternate meetup at little Woodrow's ….

      • heightschivette

        Woodrows would be perfect- either way midtown will be overrun

        • heightschivette

          Must be overrun!

        • AshcatAsh

          Is Woodrow's the meet up spot for people who didn't make the cut or somewhere else?

    • Robert Bence

      i am down

    • jessicaredd

      someone make a facebook group?

    • Randy Gomez

      you guys like the trendy midtown scene? D-:

      • chive it


    • Matt

      Eh would prefer like Brixx or Kung Fu

      • chive it

        Make that shit

    • JennyChive

      Sugarland town center at baker st?

  • Josh R.

    Responded within 20 mins of the post…no rsvp reply. Lame-o. Have fun people.

  • chris

    whoop whoop… this night is going to be epic

  • Kevin Bury

    Well I may have been screwed out of a KCCO, but I am going to the meet up!

  • JennyChive

    I never got a RSVP.

  • Brian

    I'm fucking sad. I didn't get an RSVP yet….still waiting….

  • Jeramie Casiano

    No RSVP, anyone get one ?

    • JennyChive

      No 😦 and I sent it about 25min after it started.

  • Heightschivette

    EXTRA MEETUP Little Woodrows…. Facebook event KCCO HOUSTON CHIVERS

    • Roger Burris

      I will be there, lets burn that bitch down! Bringing all the Galveston Chivers and Chivettes with.

    • Randy Gomez

      I searched for this event but couldn't find it :-/

    • matt

      aww why we have to be a urban hillbilly bar

    • U-R-NO-Z

      So is the other meet up at little woodrows or what?? I want to hang with some Chivers!!

  • Kerri Lynn Truelove

    No RSVP email confirmation for me. Womp. Womp. Womp. It's ok. I'll just KCCO!

    • Kobie

      We should go to Little Woodrow's Kerri!!!! It's right across the road!

  • valeriecefre

    Weeping tears… OF JOY SUCKAS!!! So you there!

    • MrN00DLE

      you're so evil. lol. lucky ass you are. i havent heard back from them.

  • Jeramie Casiano

    It sounds like the meet up for the REAL cool kids will be going on else where. Bringing the crew, it's goin down !!!

  • JonBarkerChive

    How do we know if we made the RSVP? I haven't received an email back 😐

  • Swamp1983

    just got mine 17 mins ago, wew I can can breath now, just hoping to arrive early enough to get in.

  • that_dude_b

    i wonder how many people RSVP'd and don't even live down here and have no intent on coming…

    • Robert b.

      I know right.

    • dfdfegerrg

      i know man i was all excited cuz i sent my rsvp immediately but now im just bummed. i dont even feel like checking out the chive post anymore

  • Mike

    Got my RSVP confirmation last night at about midnight. Check your emails! See you fuckers there!

  • Ray

    Would be nice if they sent an email either way so we knew.

  • El Taco

    i think i didn't make the cut…and i wanted to sport my new biggums 😦

  • HtownChiver

    did they send out the RSVP notice yet?…. I guess I was too late.

  • JennyChive

    Everyone check emails again. They sent my RSVP around midnight/1am. But I didn't check my emails until fifteen mins ago. *fingers crossed for y'all* ❤ btw.

  • Ruben

    I live in houston and haven't recieved any confirmation yet. how many people already got theirs?


    Chive, would u do some of us peeps a favor and send an email wether we got the RSVP or not?

    I'm still wishful thinkin that I made it, lol

  • dfdfegerrg

    yea i still dont see any event on facebook for the ppl that got fvcked out of a confirmation

  • Pissed off

    My friend got his RSVP but I did not. I submitted mine 5 minutes before too. That makes sense.

    Just like the free chive shirt I didnt get for making it to the finals on the cat fort (dark castle).

    Same with not posting shit that I send it but always seeing repeats.

    • pissed

      Thats real messed up. Wasnt sure if I was being a sore loser or if I got cheated. I sent my rsvp in immediately when it posted. I didnt have anyway to be sure like you do but I felt like I got cheated too.

      Its prolly not the chives fault. I knew things would start getting screwed up the more popular the chive got.

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