Girls who deserve the gold medal for future lower back problems (40 Photos)

  • Canucks_Rule

    #26 – love this view.

  • bigworm187

    #10 I love tactical titties!!

  • civage

    #30… It takes a special girl to turn a sexy lip bite into advance warning of felony assault. Crazy chick.

    • Shabooms

      i dont bite….hard at least

  • FrenchGuy_Paris

    Love you girl, love you so much! #35

  • moeshere foxdale

    #6 Way sexy hon… I sure had to tap that….No I mean Tapiture hehe…

  • Kevin Lass

    #18 Please…FIND HER>>>WE ALL WANT MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Gallus

    Wow, #3 is a real pair of saggers! True FLBP. I like saggers.

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Bless you all

  • inked1992

    WoW #8 UNREAL!

  • thatshitcray

    i love girls with future back problems!!!!

  • Riders

    Is #25 from my beautiful province of Saskatchewan?!

  • mike

    #8 Find Her!!!!

  • Tiff

    What anime is that from???

  • Bryce

    #13 idk if I would go to the station if I had you at home!

  • Kenny

    #7 OMG!!! So Perfect

  • Tedskin
  • kameran

    #15 screws are better for decks.

  • Jeff DeBoer

    #11 I just fell in love.

  • Santiago

    #35 ……. im captivated by the sick tattoos and adorable grin….please be by the bay area, be single, and be reading this comment with the intent to respond ;-D


    #25 ME TOO

  • A Guy

    These girls are hot and have nice tits and all, but come on Chive. Where the hell are my thick girls? Why you gotta show the stereotypical hot girl? You know thick girls can be hot. And no, I don't mean obese. I gorgeous 150-170 lbs woman with 34DD tits. =) Though I know it would never happen. At one time, you had one blog entry that had some sexy thick girls, but I can't find it. You thick girls out there need to send in some sexy pics. I bet you'd get some responses. Don't worry about the jackasses on the internet that think bare bones is the only thing that's sexy and healthy. (Most of the time is from unhealthy habits to the fear of gaining a little fat.)

  • Marcus

    #36 lets get married

  • Woodenhead

    #36 B-more!

  • Rick

    Call me #36

  • agent smith

    Anyone know who he is? Please find her. #38

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