It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (28 Photos)

  • buttsnstuff

    #19 Gerber really sold out on this one

  • cels0_o

    #28 dogs are awesome no matter what they do.

  • Laurelrer

    just as Benjamin answered I am stunned that some one able to earn $8131 in one month on the computer. did you see this page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Laurent

    #2 You have no idea how cheap that is. Sincerely, Europe.

  • long arse

    chive u would wuppatale that reef chick if u wouldent your a gay, and a gay homaphob, 😀

  • Jonny Napolitano

    Caught with yer pants down?

  • Anonymous


  • Thandi Jahi

    #4 i DONT get why so many people are afraid of spiders. seriously pick up ONE book and learn about them and you'll know most of them, including the ones you see in this picture, are HARMLESS to humans even if they bite you their fangs probably wont break the skin and even if it does there are only like like two spider species that could kill or even hurt you really. Grow a pair and given the choice id choose the spiders…
    also #19 what the fuck?

  • Dan

    #20… who was like, "oh hell yeah, let's get a picture of mom takin a shit"

  • NothingToSeeHere

    Pretty sure #10 would trigger a few false positives among the Chivettes!

  • Eagleheart

    Tis Only A Flesh Wou…

  • Damien Loki


    "My mother told me never to get in a car with strangers"
    "This isn't a car"

  • Stick

    Wouldn't you with bike thieves all around and gas a leg and an arm a gallon?

  • Ed Jones

    #27. Just because you're paranoid does NOT mean they're not after you.

  • Todd

    #10 – Nope, Not Gay. Angela Ryan FTW!!!

  • zTom

    The brand of #19 appropriately means "to throw up" in French.

  • SR_Chep

    #2 – Using some basic maths, the rest of the world says "Fuck you USA" – we're paying around 9 Dollars a gallon 🙂

    • really?


  • @nickinwarcal

    the guy in the vest will somehow try to take credit for this

  • BigDan

    he seriously can't think of a better use for a flame thrower?

  • bob

    i nearly pee'd myself looking at #4

  • Dr. Evil

    They know how to ride horses now? Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!

    Actually #15 is caused by not bathing apparently …

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  • MohawkJon

    Im going the ichi the killer route, I'm cutting it the fuck out!

  • Owain

    I live in new Zealand and
    Honestly I have never seen a bug that looks like that or a beach that white. I think that's a pacific island (a proper one like Rarotonga or summin

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