Mind the Gap Monday (45 photos)

Back by popular demand, the Mind the Gap shirt is back in stock!
For those of you who clicked on Mind the Gap today, a limited supply is available in Men’s and Women’s sizes RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes in Mind the Gap Sold Out.

  • truetx

    #15 texas is the best

  • Thomas

    #6 is KCCO shaved into your pubes?

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.d.zavala Anthony Danger Zavala

    #12 the hip bone is connected to the anorexia bone…

  • meh

    how about a round of applause for #6

  • Jeff

    #28 & forever!

  • Jay

    #7 When you see it…

  • Stuffy

    #12 is simply stunning.

  • KeepinCalm

    #24 always hungry after reading "mind the gap" posts, don't know why :/

  • beef

    #27 Find her goddamnit

  • CO_Chiver

    #27 find her i want MOAR

  • mikeraw

    #6 The bar keeps getting raised… how long before the paid version of The Chive? You all know what I mean.

    #28 Gorgeous.

  • DTAB

    #41 Standing with your legs apart does not constitute a gap…

  • Anonymous

    6,8,12, 23, 28 & 33 – WOW!!!

  • ME TOO

    #12 HOLY SHIT

  • Rick

    #28 and #29 are aliens! Nobody on this planet has such a perfect gap, thighs and oh my head! #28 just knocked me down and I had a great dream–a mess to clean but well…
    And then comes #29 and it starts over again. This time I head for the john, and knock down the door with pure molten thick river.

  • fRANK

    #16 DAMN GIRL!!! NICE!

  • https://www.facebook.com/christopher.m.bland Christopher M. Bland

    #2 deserves a Nobel Prize for that camera angle

    #8 um, yeah…speechless

  • steelers4385

    Mabye you guys at the chive should just stick to posting pics. Clearly every single time you sell shirts they are out in like 5 mins. You go through it every single time you sell shirts and yet you still never get enough made. I mean just order a million. Not literally but 10 times as much as u usually do. So what if u dont sell out in five minutes. You are going to sell them all one way or another. Supply and demand. Its clear the demand is way higher than what you supply. Also great job ladies on the pics today. Theres no women like a chivette women.

    • CO_Chiver

      you wouldn't want it so bad if it was always available ….

  • Bobby Hudson

    #2 Infinity points for creativity, camera angle, and most of all that absolutely beautiful tush. I would walk across mountains of legos in order to tongue bathe your crouch for all time. I love you.

  • Shat_Thrice

    #31 #42

    Fuck yes

  • coolaid

    #19 real good a**..

  • irishman813


  • Jrod

    #24 has been my ps3 background since I bought it. Like 5 years ago.

  • JustTrollin

    God — to be able to mind Asa's #1 Gap — that would be awesome! She is so amazing and gorgeous!

  • RGH


    Sure Asa is all over the Chive, but it doesn't mean we don't need more of her. I am okay with more Asa.

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