Skylines from around the world (23 HQ photos)

  • Joe


    • backseatchiver

      Are these guys drunk for every post? #3

      is NOT amsterdam. It is a night time view of Hong Kong and you can tell that from pic #1.

      Amsterdam cannot be mistaken for other cities due to the semi circualr canals that go around the city.

      Shameful Chive…a global site should promote global geographic awareness by,a t the very least, accurately labeling the damn pics.

      • hello please

        "should" is a matter of opinion.

        You "should" have posted your own comment instead of hijacking the first page.

        It clearly wasn't Amsterdam, but who cares?

      • Jim

        Whoopty doo Basil

      • MikeOverHere

        Man, what a stupid piece of crap you are, backseat. Not one of the photos are tagged Amsterdam. Get your head out of your ass.

  • buttsnstuff

    ^ thanks for not saying 1st!

  • Dan

    Great pics. #1 and #5 look like scenes from a science fiction movie.

  • WWCD

    #10 if you're gonna show a pool, hot chicks is a must

  • C.Scape

    Wow. Cairo is a real shit hole compared to the others, isn't it?

    And I think 22 is Tokyo?

    • ghostofmlg

      Yup Cairo blows. But it is several orders of magnitude better than the anus of the world, NYC.

    • Shameel Shaheen Khan

      one mans trash…

  • xuocram


  • LarsX

    The Amsterdam one is clearly from Hongkong, you can see the Bank of China tower in the back.

    • Endo

      They took a pic of Amsterdam from Hong Kong?! Damn that's a long lens.

  • nsed

    First you dumb fucking cunts.

    • Suel21


    • Tyler Durden

      open mouth, insert foot

      • Tyler Durden

        *penis, sorry…I meant penis. I love the cock

  • Nick Sumpter

    You should have just made life easier for yourself and done the whole post about Manhattan 🙂

    • Fryy

      True. Plus y u no Buenos Aires?

  • JJL


    best in the world, but that is an awful pic. check out mine

    • meh


      • JJL

        pardon the spam, but that Chicago pic does it no justice. makes me very upset.

        • z0phi3l

          It's a hell hole, nothing will make it look good

    • 1madhatter

      completely agree. what an awful view of Chicago's amazing skyline. go Chi Town

    • Baby shit

      Chicago rules, New York drools !!!

    • Meowmix

      Yeah, wtf like 10 pictures of NY, and this is the only Chicago one?

    • Squints

      your panoramics are simply phenomenal my friend, well done representing chicago like it really is

  • meh

    SKylines of New York and Paris should be the title. Shit man, get it together!

    • TheDarkKnight

      More like "View of Manhattan and a couple other, filler, places…"

  • Anvilsmash

    the one that says Amsterdam, is not Amsterdam. That is a picture of Hong Kong.

    • meh

      Id bet you'd correct my spelling if I made a typo too.

      • aVulgarSquirrel


      • _DoC_

        *I'd* – corrected. 🙂

  • stabbyjake

    #3 is definitely not Amsterdam…

    • stabbyjake

      It's Hong Kong…

    • jbro

      Hong Kong!

    • Verbal_Kint

      Maybe Amsterdam on a hit of acid?

  • NZ proud

    Your missing Wellington City, NZ!

    • Spelling Police

      *you're – stay in school.

    • Bubba


    • IN proud

      Yeah, you're missing Strawtown, Indiana too.

  • Suel21

    Monte Carlo has a cool skyline too

  • Nibloid

    #22 Bangkok

    • John Kenny

      #22 I think it's Kyoto. That looks like a Japanese pagoda.

    • andfukyamoms

      Bangkok has him now…

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Over the School of Confucius in one of the Hu-tong Districts

    • Poppers McPoppinson

      Deffs Beijing

    • nobody

      Nope not BKK!

  • IrishInNJ

    #2 #8 etc…you might really like Manhattan but as someone who's lived here for over a decade…I'm not overly impressed by the choices of pictures. There are so much better.

  • Suel21

    Surprised there wasn't the Vegas shot that everyone has seen a million times

  • @LosTorre


  • Monica Fierro

    Alec I love it! I fell in love with NYC when we went. The skyline is so beautiful 🙂 Awesome choice of pics to represent that……#12 is my favorite <3….then #14

  • Dan Howlett

    seriously no Sydney Harbour?

    • KTemp

      Seriously. That's a great cityscape.

  • lale

    #22 I am not sure but i think it looks like Beijing

  • Tava

    This list needs more Houston! Nice pics.

  • eric

    I think the unknown is Shanghi

  • Robert Paulson

    Where is Dubai? Place is awesome

    • blueberry

      I was expecting a shot of Dubai, too, with all of the recognizable architecture. But it's mostly just a lot of New York and Hong Kong. City skylines from around the world that featured more 'around the world' would have been cool.

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