Skylines from around the world (23 HQ photos)

  • drew

    Skylines from around NY, France, and HK… variety is the spice of life, Alec.

  • Pennsylvania

    No Philadelphia? WTF. Philly has a great skyline.

    No Pittsburgh? WTF. Pittsburgh is the most beautiful city in America.

    No Pennsylvania love. Complete B.S.

    • ImpressMe

      Don't forget the nice people…….

  • etcrr

    #2 Nothing beats the New York Skyline, Most famous of all Skylines

  • PumaBalls

    Chicago skyline > NYC skyline

  • Laurelrer

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  • sp0ticus

    #3 is Hong Kong
    #22 I think is Bangkok

  • shitholelicker

    wot about south shields? woking? wot about thorngumbold? none of bournmouth home of little tits lukky pinder?

  • Fuzzel


  • long arse

    i ve just dropped coffe on mi balls and me mothers down stairs

  • JP Freely

    No Boston?

  • tom

    Not cool man,all the love for nyc no love for philly

  • Pat

    #22 def. not bangkok. I was just there a few weeks ago and they're isn't enough gold worked in or crazy statues. My guess is a Japanese city based on the way the roofs curve, but that is just a guess. Kyoto or Tokyo I don't really know what either of them look like.

  • Travelinman

    #3 – Amsterdam?! Where are the canals? That's clearly Kowloon and Hong Kong. Otherwise, nice photos!

  • CapainInsano

    People are not keeping calm

  • Gandy

    A little disappointed with this one! there is a shitload of other cities you could have posted pictures of.

  • clevelandrocks

    Where's Cleveland

    • Meowmix

      hahaha, Cleveland. Yeah, where's Detroit?!?! What about Compton or Englewood??

  • BostonMatt

    no boston?

  • Jim

    #22 I don't know, but it looks Aaaassssiiiaaannn. Anybody know what movie? I think the actual line is "I don't know, but it sounded asian"

  • Lala

    #16 Terrible photo. I love Chicago – lived here my whole life. This city has an amazing skyline. This photo does not do its justice.

  • Kidgorgeous

    #22 It's Beijing

  • bigcityreem

    Thanks for the choices of wallpaper for my computer here at work.

  • Douche-douche


  • ktrain

    lol uhh…like Hong Kong much? but rightly so…ive been there a couple times…its mind numbing, the skyline is the most incredible ive ever seen.

  • KTemp

    San Francisco

    A little more variety would have been great.

    • JustSayin

      LA too!

  • matt

    WTF, no Toronto??? Easily one of the more recognizable skylines in the world and not one good pic of it.

    • chiver

      and Vancouver, stunning against the mountains

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