Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (35 photos)

  • 1st Man

    First, bitches.

    • davidhendu

      Just Die…

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      First on the tardwagon, that is…

    • Truth

      … and still last at life.

    • dutch

      [slow clap] you win at life [/slow clap]

    • corwin

      Do you not even have something of value to say or contribute? Join the conversation, share you opinion. Why post nothing…whatever generation you come from, I send pity.

    • Jack


  • IrishInNJ

    #6…She could have used that landing yesterday. Kudos on the silver medal though McKayla.

    • Static

      ohh that sucked watching it!!! so bummed for her. But, Silver is still great… and Romania was very cool about winning. You know she knew that she only won because of that slip.

    • @malcolm_rogers

      i blame the announcers that said nothing but "zomg she's totes gonna win! these other girls have no chance!"

  • Shonesy

    I bet if these turds ever took a girls virginity all they could muster up afterwards would be….. First!

    • Shonesy sucks skunks

      Tell you what. As soon as you have sex–with another person, not your hand or a small furry animal–you can let us know.

      • Shonesy

        As soon as you choke yourself to death, the world will be a better place. Come on practice now, you can do it!

  • r00s7a


    • Dennis

      Those Rusians in the trench musta "Kept Calm and Carried On"

      • Jason

        Anybody else see a creepy jack-o-lantern face?

  • Big Joe

    #1 Clark Griswold?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      This is why I hate playing slot machines.

    • Static

      happened to me once… but the other way… so at least I got 3 7's…. but still ….

    • Wookie202

      Cheap bastard was only betting $0.15 they would have won 10 buck tops

  • Big_James

    #35 I will take.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Full of win AND lose…


    • Jap

      I can not stop watching

    • Defrosty

      Lol, I Tineyed it to see if there's a longer version that shows all boob, and TheChive is in the list!

    • Roboxx

      THANK YOU……………………………………………..

    • wroteabout
    • ryan

      I believe this is one of my all time favorite pornstars taylor rain. Excellent choice to throw this in at the end. Even if its not her I will still picture her doing porn.

  • ~(-_-~)

    #3 kinds reminds me of my grandpa, there's this old rocking chair in the old house where my gramps used to sit all the time, but looking at it now and empty makes me miss the good ol' days

    • Jim Barry

      What you need to do is sit in it, close your eyes and rock. The memories will come easily.

  • Niitsitapi13

    #3 Tragic

    • GernBlansten

      Life can be that way…..

  • Jrderp

    #5 how I feel after I blow the bathroom out and my wife walks in
    #35 higher please

  • Verbal_Kint

    speaking of winning: FALLEN NAVY SEAL CHRIS CAMPBELL’S FINAL REQUEST WAS TO HELP THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. He wanted 100,000 people to donate $1 each. John, do what you do best…

    He was one of the seals shot down in the chopper during the Bin Laden mission.

    I know we can shatter that goal…

    Chive on

    PS, sorry for hijacking the post, i thought it was important.

    • SoCal Dude

      Go spam somewhere else

      • Verbal_Kint

        There is much love for our troops on the Chive, friend. It can't all be tits, ass and laughs…

        • usmc_chiver

          Yes, but us troops do love them tits ass and laughs 🙂

          • Verbal_Kint

            Fair enough. Thank you for your service. Chive On.

  • Dan

    who is #35? she is hot.

    • thebeefinjector

      my girlfriend…

    • spotconlon

      taylor rain. porn star

      • fun with drugs

        thats it time for taylor rain anal videos

      • TWM

        Its Mckenzie Lee.

    • Baybay

      Taylor Rain. She loves anal. Which is awesome.

    • Booyah

      taylor rain doesnt have boobs you dorks..

    • TylerDurden

      NOT Taylor Rain. It's McKenzie Lee

      • Don Terry

        Is it Taylor Rain with McKenzie Lee?

    • Jonathan

      definitely McKenzie Lee

  • AssClown

    #16 Liking your own status – You are a loser.

    • Guse

      Make a note of where the little yellow box is in that picture. Now, go to your Facebook page. Look at someone else's status and click "Reply". Whose picture is in that box?

      Try again.

    • thatguy

      the person just took a screenshot of a post he/she liked.
      self-liking is still a poor move…

      • Jen

        why wouldnt i like my own status? im fucking funny and sexy.

  • ray

    #35 !!!!!!

  • ryan


    Holy shite! There were non-cgi clone troopers in those movies?!?!

    • Harmonica33

      well the guy proposing has an oldschool storm trooper uniform so i doubt this is from the set

    • hurr


  • davidhendu

    #34 "I can get out of this ya pussies. just let me- ah shit."

    • kmac

      My luck….one of them would sneeze or trip.

    • usmc_chiver

      "They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can't get away from us now!" – General "Chesty" Puller. USMC

    • Alan Garner

      what is this? am i a ratard, or does that look like McCarther? probably the former

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #11 No surprise she is a blonde

    • Zach Merrill

      Wonder if the commenter ever "realised" she couldn't spell either??

      • Zach Faill

        Probably not since nothing is spelled wrong

        • Nasty N8

          You are joking right? How do you think it is spelled. Because I know it is spelled realized.

          • daveh873

            "Realise" is the proper English version. "Realize" is the American version. Seeing as how it was posted in Montana… I guess they should have used the American version.

  • back2worknow

    #10 Some things can never be unseen!

  • st33

    Who is this magical wonder?

    • NavyBoyTate


    • Steve

      McKenzie Lee

  • Thomas

    #20= thats awsome

  • bdg

    #35 Don't tease me,It'll only make it hurt more!!!!

  • SoCal Dude

    I am confuse

    • Eric

      They work for NASA, that was the moment when the land rover first made contact. (safely land on mars)

      • passwordistaco

        actually that should be about 17 minutes after landing

        • Frédéric Purenne

          Not 17, 7 minutes…

          • AssHaterson

            Currently Mars is about 1.66 AU from earth which translates to about 13.8 light minutes. Meaning it takes a little less than 14 minutes for radio transmissions to travel to and from. So, no, not 7 minutes or 17 minutes.

      • Dude Imbibes

        At first I thought "Ok they are excited because they spent years building and testing this thing and it landed without a hitch but the reaction seems a bit TOO excited. I mean haven't they successfully landed probes on Mars already?"

        Then I read how they were deploying this thing and how extremely complicated and bad ass it was and then the reaction made total sense.

    • aaa
    • H.Manback

      This was absolutely amazing….
      Nothing beats watching a couple of scientist cheering like that.
      And they totally had a reason!

  • louistulley

    #29 The feeling you get when you finally beat Contra after 15 years

    • morebeer

      If it took you 15 years I feel bad for you son
      I had 99 lives and did it in one
      Hit me!

      • patov40

        Heeeeee shoots and scores!! B)

      • tybardy


    • Al Jones

      This is exactly how it looks when Best Buy employees party.

    • Catalystika

      up up down down left right left right B A START. Vengeance is yours! Now, Battletoads… THAT was a hard game. That made Contra look like a Sunday stroll in the park.

  • Real_rowdy

    #35!!!! So close, just a little MOAR!!

  • Rich

    #17, holy shit. #33, funny and I want #35

  • Matt m

    #5 how I feel after blowin up a public bathroom. Do work

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