The cynical genius of Larry David (20 Photos)

  • Lyin-King

    So apparently I have to be Jewish to think LD is funny. Albeit Seinfeld was very funny at times, and had nothing to do with being jewish (except that MSG nazi episode, and the Bryan Cranston dentist one lol) but I just cant stand Larry David.

    It's like watching Woody Allen act, it's just a huge headache.

    • SS!!!

      YES! None of Larry David is funny, not one single ounce… he is a boring whining old man, and all he does is point out obvious shit.. And people laugh at it like its fucking genius. Of course the smartest downs kid(larry david) is going to look like a genius if he's surrounded by a bunch of dumber downs kids(his fans).

      • Корй Томпсон

        Well, I mean both of your opinions are wrong, but that's ok.

      • The Mad Zak

        I have to agree. And I agree that Seinfeld was VERY funny….at times. He has that Woody Allen sense of humor that I do not find funny at all. I liked some Seinfeld shows, but I am not a major fan of the series. I only found out later that this guy was a major writer, and then I went, "Oh…OK. THAT's why I only laughed at half of the jokes on the show."

  • Kevin

    Most people need a laugh track to tell them when to laugh during a show, so it doesn't surprise me most people don't get Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Show is awesome, though. Larry David is the man.

  • Just A. Jason

    #1 and really high people!

  • Anton Arnold

    here i was thinking this was henry fonda from on golden pond… still not sure it isnt

  • Anton Arnold

    try that again
    henry fonda from golden pond

  • BigBolt

    LD is a fucking genius!!!!

  • OhioChiver

    #11 I recieved a letter like that once. You mean it's not a compliment?

  • mattryaniscool

    "I'm Larry David. I happen to enjoy wearing women's panties."

  • Bianchi

    So, this guy's a Woody Allen wannabe?

  • Bobby

    #20 is my favorite curb moment ever

  • Nishtai

    #18 Holy shit. That's only funny because he said so himself. But that's borderline wrong

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  • Marco

    Larry David is getting waaay more popularity than he deserves…yea it's funny, but not that funny. Annoying mostly. I dunno, i'm a huge fan of the chive, but this ones gotta get a big thumbs down for getting it's own post…

  • Sin

    Funniest One when he meets the Black Family He took in to his House.
    "You're The Black Family?
    That's Like my name being Larry Jew."

  • JohnnyDingo

    Louie CK is Better

    • Fish

      Louie CK wouldn't exist if not for Larry David.
      You fucking Idiot.

      • JohnnyDingo

        Wow I never realised that Larry David was Louie CK's dad.
        Thanks for the head's up I'll go correct the Wiki now.

  • PowPow

    pretty pretty pretty pretty goooood

  • chelo

    #16 #17 #18 A-M-A-Z-I-N-G mj fox..!!

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