This is not who we are…only the best to the town of Milwaukee (21 Photos)

  • etcrr

    No one can predict when a sick mind goes off the edge. It is NOT representative of the People of any state of the Union.It happens and when it does, it saddens many people. Laws can't stop it Gun Control can't stop it.
    It is the unforeseen that happens. Unfortunately to innocent people. My heart goes out to the victims relatives.
    They rarely will ever have the answer to why it happens. Gd Bless the Victims, families and the first responders to these disasters

  • averageguyfitness

    Proud to have been trained by the officer that took down the shooter. Damned proud. I hope he is well, and gets any help that he may need, as it is tough, even when justifiable, to take another human's life.

  • new era weebly

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