When old school heroes go hipster, hilarity ensues. (33 Photos)

  • Guibombe

    Hipsters suck period.

  • Jbob

    #5 there chive goes again praising a commie douchebag.

  • levi

    first thing i thought of when i saw #2 … topgears james may

  • Laserbrain

    Scarred for life by #12

  • shoe

    this is horrifying

  • John

    #10 is my favorite out of the lot

  • Dr. Evil

    I'm gonna come flat out and say it, these would make awesome t-shirts.

  • https://www.facebook.com/herecomesdan.thebadness.onemangoonsquad Dan Peterson

    good references to good music. CSS, Empire of the Sun, Justice, Cut Copy…did I miss a Starfucker reference?

  • Jawbone

    #12 #12 #12 #12 #12 12

  • Ranger Rick

    #28 FTW

  • Bob

    This is just wrong. Not funny, wrong.

  • Zuke

    Looking at #9 reminds me; I think there was some sort of conspiracy and princess diana didn't really die, because I'm pretty sure my aunt (well, my uncles ex-wife) was her. They seriously looked like twins. I remember when I first saw a picture of diana I was so confused.

    That might also explain why my aunt (ex-aunt) is just out of this world batshit insane. Maybe she finally cracked after being forced to pretend she was dead all those years.

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