Awesome mom turns son’s lunches into art (20 Photos)

Heather Sitarzewski decided one day that the lunches she packed for her son were boring. Not wanting her son to be the victim of a boring lunch, she took her artistic food skills to a new level. Check out more of her work at LunchboxAwesome.

  • showtime

    wow, you made funny pictures with food. People have been doing this for centuries. Try and make it look that good with food kids might actually eat. UMMM mmm mmm Olives and pepperoni, and uncooked beets. I've got $20 that says this woman has no kids. Without the kid story, its just a woman making food collages.

    • Littlet

      I agree. My son would NOT touch a damn olive.

      • ifyouknowwhatimean

        id love to touch your sons olive.

    • mrs. derpington

      kids throw away ham and cheese sandwiches. shes delusion if she thinks these dont end up in the trash.

    • jewels

      my children would eat almost everything that is in those lunches!! Why?? because they have been eating that sort of food since they could eat solid food!! Give childre a wide variety of healthy and tastey food that looks appetizing and a child will eat it. Heck, my daughter will always choose fresh fruit and milk over pop and chips!

  • Sean Klein


    • Underbaker

      I don't know, kind of pushing hard on the broccoli in take.

  • saltygary

    Someone doesn't have to work every day.

    • Boston Rugger

      A stay at home parent works everyday, they just don't get paid for it.

      • R.Pgh

        In the words of Bill Burr: "Any job you can do in your pajamas is not a real job"

        • @CeeLovis

          I tried to embed that video but my phone was being a gaywad…. good call my friend!

      • saltygary

        Having two small children I completely appreciate that but that lunch is impossible for a working parent unless you ignore your family in the evening or don't drink heavily until you pass out on the couch by 10pm like me.

        • Boston Rugger

          True and I really doubt that a child would eat most of the food used too.

        • whos.mike

          You need to hold your liquor better. My other half polishes off an 18 pack each night and doesn't crash out til she is out of beer. My only complaint is the $15 a day we spend on budlight and I don't drink.

          • saltygary


            3 micro brews that are 7ABV and I'm toast on the weekdays. Weekends I can man up.

      • excusesareforlosers

        shut up. parenting is not an excuse for being unemployed. she probably doesnt even have a kid and did this during arts and crafts time in the asylum.

      • jim

        Work on what? Her kid is in school….She should be cleaning instead of waisting time on f'n lunch art!

    • anony

      my thoughts exactly, get a job!

      • Emily Celeste Gosling

        Nanny here. Yes, it's a job. A fucking impossibly hard one that leaves you w a migraine every night.
        I watch 3 kids ages 5 and under for 55 hours a week, if I had the time to do this, I totally would. It is near impossible to get kids to eat healthy food, especially when you're not on top of them about it, like when they're at school.

        • really?

          i would be better at my job too if i didnt post stuff on theChive

          • Emily Celeste Gosling

            I have a baby in my lap right now with a bottle that he can't hold on his own yet in his mouth.

            • really?

              that sure helps me see your point. on facebook while at work and looking after an infant. fuck are you just dumb. and just so you know. my aunt also does nanny work and gets paid quite well. must have something to do with not being on the internet while doing her job properly. so dont act like your knowledge of this subject is beyond me.

              • Emily Celeste Gosling

                And what are you doing right now? On chive at work or just unemployed and therefore need to stfu?
                So if I were a parent looking after an infant I'd never be allowed to go online ever again? Sitting here staring at an infant while he takes down 10 oz isn't going to make me any more productive.
                And yes, we do get paid well, because the job is tough and extremely important. Thanks for helping prove my point! ๐Ÿ™‚
                KCCO, folks! ๐Ÿ™‚

                • really?

                  im about to start my second year of university. ive chosen to enjoy my summers before i get a real job.

                  no you wouldnt be. just wait till you hit real life. my sister has three kids. one teenager and two under 3-year-olds. much more difficult than what you get paid to do. thats her life. she works part-time when she can. AND still manages to get at least once well-balanced meal on the table a day. she gets on the internet, maybe, once a day, after they are asleep. i havent heard her complain once in her life, because its her life and her choices. just like you have the choice to be a nanny. why do it if you complain?

                  basically if you have "down-time" you arent doing it right. i also never questioned the importance. just that you think its tough and apparently theres no time for creative stuff. yet you have time to comment. thats where im confused. in the time it took you to comment on all my replies you could have made one fucking ninja turtle salad. but i guess my real question is if you didnt get paid well would you still do this. and ill answer for you. no you wouldnt. its too tough at 55 hours a week to do it for cheap. dumb cunt.

                  you said it was impossibly hard. and you do it 55 hours a week? i hope abortion is legal in your area. if not get a hold of a metal clothes hanger.

                  • your a dick

                    Man your a cunt…

                  • boredatwerk


                • Dr_Fap

                  Keep up the good work Emily, everyone needs some time to Chive. I am sure that "really?" is just a 16 year old troll that doesn't even comprehend the meaning of actual work. Too busy living off of mommy and daddy.

                  • really?

                    my parents do help me while im in school. thats because they both worked while i was growing up. they didnt make excuses about having kids, jobs and time to make shitty lunches.

                    just because some people have deadbeats who gave up shit cuz it was too hard doesnt mean everyone is like that. and just to give you another reason to come back and "feed this troll". if you said something like this to me in real life, i would fucking beat your goofy ass.

                    • really?

                      if your parents dont help you out. or cant help you out. dont be bitter. just dont make the same mistakes they did. thats the problem with the world. so much shitty people not breaking the chain of shit. shitty parents teaching their shitty kids to be shitty and then they teach their kids the shit lifestyle.

                    • Dr_Fap

                      I don't need my parents help because I have balls and a drive to make my own way in life.

                    • Dr_Fap

                      You would "beat my goofy ass"? That is big talk for a 16 year old troll over the internet **shivers** I am sorry I did not recognize your superior manliness. I am just a Recon Marine, what would I know about that.
                      "my parents help me while im in school". = you are living off your parents hard work= you don't have kids= you don't know what you are talking about. You are probably one of those 99%'ers.

                  • Emily Celeste Gosling

                    Ha, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚
                    Yeah, after reading some of the language above realized I was wasting wayyy too much time on someone that clearly doesn't have the mental capacity to understand anything other than their own ignorant opinion.
                    Chive on. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • really?

                      break this down.

                      youre opinion was; theres not enough time to create a creative lunch (and that parenting is a job). mine was there is, just dont make excuses (and that it is, indeed, not).

                      you then tried to prove your point by saying it takes good pay and limited hours for you to STILL not be able to accomplish what real parents do. all i did was blow shit up in your face. if you cant handle my arguments or "language" then i wish you good lucky in the real world.

                      every time you comment, it makes me laugh. i havent had this much fun with somebody who is blind to the paradox of their own stupidity. contrary to what you believe, this was a fantastic time for me to spend my morning.


                    • LOL

                      Um, no child. The statement she originally commented on is that staying at home with children, making well-balanced meals for the family, and cleaning the house is a job. Which it is. I too am a full-time college student, but I support myself with two jobs. My mother was an amazing stay-at-home mother who took on extra kids during the week. Nannies deserve the ridiculous pay they get, trust me.
                      When you decide to grow up one day and start raising a family, you'll understand. For now, you're just an ignorant, know-it-all child.

                    • Dr_Fap

                      really?- Your ability to portray a mentally handicapped bigot is fantastic! I wish I had enough time to play grammar police with your "post", but I do not. I did just want to clarify that (believe it or not) there are capital letters in the English language and that your and you're ("youre" in your case) are totally different words. But I sure your parents had the the time to teach you that while they pay for your way in life.

        • Jay

          Who the fuck would dislike Emilys status. Oh yeah… Chivers who came to stare at tits… On the clock… And have never raised a child.
          Buck up Nancy's… Your 40-60 hours a week is nowhere near as challenging than raising another human being. Fyi… I do both.
          Signed – single dad and loyal Chiver

          Ps… Tits are still awesome! Just to clarify.

          • Emily Celeste Gosling

            Thanks, Jay! ๐Ÿ™‚

            • @CeeLovis

              Emily, what happened to submitting some pics?

              • Emily Celeste Gosling

                Lol, good memory! I did, just probably had a lil too much clothing on. :p

                • J-Lev

                  Keep true to the site, not your own scattered, single-minded opinions. Dude's or chicks like "really?" do not belong on this site. I can see how its attractiveness drew you here but the doors still open for you to turn around and escort yourself out.
                  K C C O

                • Schnizz56

                  Sorry, had to thumbs down this comment. U should never have too much clothing on! :)…..I didn't really thumb down btw

              • really?

                are you kidding? she doesnt have time to take pics. between being a terrible nanny and an obnoxious internet fiend, she barely has time drink her shitty life away.

                • The Bacon Chronicles

                  What the twirly fuck is your problem? This may be the freaking Internet, but this is also a community. Stop being an obnoxious asshole. If you're so bored before your college classes begin, why don't you do some supplemental reading or something more constructive than trolling?

                • fightcorporate

                  You haven't even finished your second year of college and you're criticizing someone else for how they're earning their living? You've accomplished SO much, no wonder you have the authority to cast out self righteousness among other lesser people with only the fraction of life experience as you.

                  Get off your neighbors WiFi.

  • camnjjm

    If all moms made their kids good food like this, maybe we wouldn't have such an obesity problem in good ol' Merica.

    • Grocer

      maybe if organic healthy foods didnt cost an arm and a leg to buy most families would buy food like that. they could always give up the electricity.

    • _DoC_

      No kidding. You don't even need to make it creative, just the same foods.

    • saltygary

      You don't have to go to this level to feed a kid a balanced lunch it's about making choices. Wife was out of town today so I made lunch for two kids this morning and it took about ten minutes max. 2 ham n cheese sandwiches on those flat breads. Yogurt cup, banana, triskets, and a pack of gummies. Not overly healthy by any means but if you take the time to pack different stuff they will eat what ever is in front of them. Too many families (and I can appreciate how easy it is to fall in the trap) are crazy busy with work life balance and do what is quick and pull everything out of a processed box. The other issue is America's cafeteria system is focused on pizza and fries because they have to get kids to eat, its what kids want to eat and it's cheap under a very strained school budget.

    • MylesofStyles

      When midgets smoke weed, do they get high, or just medium?

    • whoa

      you really think that kid eats the broccoli and shit when the oreo is right on top?

      • subvet

        my daughter eats broccoli more often than hot dogs or chicken …. and yes, even once the oreo is gone, they will still eat it.

      • boredatwerk

        not first they won't, but they will if they are hungry.

    • Theresia

      If you really think a mom did this for er kids lunch or that a kid would eat this for lunch
      , you are out of your tree..

  • 1200n

    Too much time on her hands. She probably irons her bed sheets as well

  • Anonymous

    Kid probably just tosses it in his backpack, and screws it up Etch-A-Sketch style.

  • nepster

    Awesome mom is awesome…OR has a lot of time on her hands.

  • KingThing

    Pretty cool….but I'm sure it looks nothing like that once little johnny goes and chucks his bookbag in the corner at school…….Probably taste like shit too all mixed together like that….. Too much time on her hands right there…..

  • rikooprate

    Kid probably tosses it in his backpack, and screws it up Etch-A-Sketch style.

  • crustybubblechunks

    #2 Michelangelo wears an orange mask, not yellow

    • Med

      So what you're saying is…. she should have went with sharp cheddar instead of american?

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    "All very pretty, mum, but how about some pizza one day??!"

  • _ThisGuy_

    As much as I loved the little notes my mom put in mine, I would have lost my shit if I opened my lunch to reveal a Ninja Turtle!


  • HumpDan

    My mom was an art teacher,

    what the hell mom!

    • i sit, you color

      seeing as how your mom isnt even a real teacher, im surprised she didnt have the time to do this for you.

      • HumpDan

        How ignorant.

        • i sit, you color.

          i was in school with mandatory "art" classes for 9 years and then took 3 years of it in high school as a filler class. most art teachers, mainly public school ones, have such little skill in what they are suppose to be teaching. im far from ignorant. im actually going to school for drawing now. after being dormant for 5 years. hopefully people like you think your mom is work at this school. drawing is, surprising to most, a very motivational subject. i compare it to any athletic. if you dont have the right coach or the needed support you can not succeed, no matter the talent. so im basing my 12 years of experience in this on my previous comment. (no one i know has had a public school teacher be an asset to their skill) so if your mom is a public school art teacher, she can suck it. if she has a higher degree she can still suck it but ill show her respect.

          • HumpDan

            Apparently English wasn't mandatory for 9 years.

            • i sit, you color

              im on the internet. im not going to perfect my grammar and spelling for some random kids who cant handle the truth. avoiding the subject at hand, IE: your shitty ass moms job, is proof of it. tell me something your mom has done to prove me wrong. where is her art degree from? how many former students can attest that she is the reason they advanced?

              • You color, I sit

                At least his mom was decent enough to teach him manners…unlike your mom.

                • i sit, you color

                  my mom taught me please and thank you. but she also said dont take bullshit and express yourself.

                  if you dont like what i say. go fuck yourself. the world is a shitty place and if you refuse to live in reality thats your problem. you can think of my life what youd like and it wont bother me. try it some time.

                  i also hope you know how paradox your comment is. calling my mother indecent by not teaching me manners. good one.

                  and just an "English" side note. when using numbers in writing, single digit numbers under 10 should always be written out. example: nine.

                  • RDS

                    LOL hey buddy, don't point out this rule of using numbers in writing when you failed yourself to use it. This is from your prior post: "for 9 years and then took 3 years of it in high school" ..also "after being dormant for 5 years"….anyway this is just feeding a troll but your "English side note" was just so absurd given these circumstances I felt compelled to so remark. KCCO

  • Verbal_Kint

    hey, wanna trade some angry birds for your twinkie?

  • ThunderHawk

    No way I'm eating my favorite cartoon characters for lunch…

  • Yo Yo Ma

    She probably breast fed her kids til they were six years old.

    • nipandsuck

      you make that sound like a bad thing…

      • Yo Yo Ma

        Nah, it's great for the kid that when their friends are pouring milk into a glass they're sucking on their mom's breast because breast milk at that stage in their development has such magical properties.

        • nipandsuck

          so you think breast feeding at six years old is an asset to friendship and detrimental to magicians?

          • Yo Yo Ma

            damn right that's what I"m saying!

            • nipandsuck

              i find it odd how much you use sarcasm, yet you were unable to pick up on it in my first reply. i heard breast milk helps you with that. you probably have two dads.

  • Makster87

    all the awesome lunches i thought i got from my mom all of the sudden seem shitty now…thanks!

    • that one guy

      those all look cool and what not, but where is the MEAT?! I'm still proud of my mother for at least packing my lunch with the tender flesh of slaughtered animals.

  • LoyalLAChiver

    This is amazing. She cares for her kids and goes the extra mile to make sure that they eat HEALTHY food instead of the crap cafeterias feed kids now. Those are vegetables, not pizza. This mom should be applauded.

    • Littlet

      Applauded because she takes food and creates a stupid cartoon out of them? Way too much time on her hands – I say GET A FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fscked

      I thought the same thing – yeah the cartoons are neat but way to go for feeding your child healthy food! Those carrots, broccoli, apples, berries, etc. are what make her an awesome mom. The ninja turtle is just the icing on the cake.

      Oh, and other guy, you're a f-ing douche, please go die.

    • Nighteye2

      I agree – the only thing that's still wrong is the quantity, which is rather much for a lunch. It's not just about what those kids eat, but also how much…

      • The Andychrist

        Dude, it's fruit and vegetables. OCCASIONALLY a cracker. Unless you're diabetic you can eat that shit all day and not gain weight, especially if you're a growing kid.

        • Nighteye2

          With all the natural sugars in them, fruit contains more calories than you think – and there's several with quite a bit of pasta in them.

          • The Andychrist

            Still looks like a winning meal to me. Especially if the kid's active. But whateva.

            • The Andychrist

              And yeah, I came back to see if anyone replied to my comment.=/

  • Deadmetal

    So she just copied what the Japanese have been doing for decades?

    • afousand aporogies

      maybe she will start selling her already-worn panties too. one can only hope.

    • kay

      This is exactly what I was thinking. I saw this kind of thing in a magazine recently too. Like this is some new way to make your kids lunches. Not really, it's just taking from Japanese Bento.


    kid probably doesnt even know who half those characters and shit are.

  • TCSthesecond

    #17 ill trade you my banana for your snack pack

  • guest

    It looks cool but the foods don't go together at all.

    # 18
    Who eats marshmellows with sausage and cauliflower?

    • John

      marshmallows are great with most vegetables including cauliflower. You should try it before you knock it. Oh, and that's a piece of bread, not sausage.

  • SD1

    spoiled ass kid probably just needs a good beating.. looks cool though

  • JohnnyR

    Amen brother. Thanks for speaking the truth.

  • anon

    and not a single f*cking snack-pack.

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