Black is Beautiful (39 Photos)

  • Daniel

    #10 one amazing ass, what a beauty.!

  • Guest

    Who are "these black girls"??? Quit your complaining

    • guard


  • Jack

    #7, #27, #32
    Ladies, thank you for making my day go from terrible to amazing. You are all far too stunning for words.

  • jackie

    Someone PLEASE put these animals back in the zoo or at least in the jungle!

  • Ballyu

    Good work Chive. Please continue to Chive On like this. We want MORE!!!

  • Cee

    #Rutina Wesley = Hot.

  • auntfl0w

    )why aren't there more comments about #36, most beautiful girl on this site.. can i plz breed with you 😉

  • ChukDee

    It's like whatever

  • moeshere foxdale

    #33 yea baby…

  • David Hart

    #32 Definitely my favorite…wow

  • paul moore

    #29 has to be top of the hump day class!!!!!

  • Colombo

    I love women… end of story, race, colour, height, shape – they are all irrelevant. If they have features that i find appealing then you can bet your ass i will jump through hoops of fire to tap each and every single one of them… because DAAAAAMN its great to be a man and have so many fine women all over the world.

    I do agree that posts of hot girls should not be segregated, if she is a candidate for FLBPs then she should be on FLBPs same with Mind the Gap – i really don't see the point in keeping one post for women of a certain race because its a) unnecessary b) its 2012 c) you make the mistake of ignoring over a over half a billion women when you limit your posts (like hot Asians) to only those of South East Asian descent

  • @StueyDay

    #30 Wow!

  • JayCee

    Black is Beautiful should become a weekly!

  • Maing

    #17,#25,#31 FTW!

  • drod

    #26, #28, wow. Black is beautiful, but also, beautiful is beautiful

  • michael1922100

    #26 fine

  • archosdude

    I have one thing to say Chive…It is about friggen time!!!!! I've always wondered why we don't see more beautiful sistas on the site.

    Let's make this a habit!

  • tippytoe

    i count 3 black chicks. stop posting almost-black chicks once every 6 months.

  • Bee

    #26, Tara Thornton!? John's co-star on true blood? She is a brilliant actress, love her as a vampire in season 5, and John's been funny as ever as well!

  • Lyin-King

    This is funny b/c as a black man this post is kind of like yeah thats cool. But every other post which is wall to wall white meat is like Oh hey something new and exciting which is what the decidedly white majority Chivers must feel like when these black posts come out lol.

  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    Hot black girls dont do porn… thats a shame.

    • Trolololol

      Haven't you seen this?

  • Giggity giggity

    Jon make sure you don't post a set titled : " white is beautiful" because that would be racist. Regards, –
    legal team

  • jacob

    #12 where did you find this

  • Dave

    Way more of #12, that girl is sexsay. #26 stunning

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