Escaped convict convinces cop he is actually a jogger — brilliant (Video)

Police stopped escaped federal inmate Richard Lee Mcnair who then proceeded to wiggle his way out of certain arrest. Gotta hand it to the man, he’s one smooth operator.

  • Notta Cop

    "I jog 12 miles a day" You're under arrest you lying bastard. If this cop wasn't such a fat waste of life he would know what jogging 12 miles a day looks like. Fire the fat incompetent idiot.

  • Skewer The Pig

    A few more "thank you"s and "yes sir"s this cop would have been driving him to dunkin donuts for lunch.

  • Steve

    If the different names weren't enough, the guy also says he's a roofer and always works in shorts. A roofer in 113 degrees would have a really dark tan and leathery skin.

  • Sam C.

    Like. a. boss.

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable. No pictures? Not going to check out that scar? Matches description? Eh, what the hell…it’s Friday – carry ID, water and clean those scratches and have a good day prison doppelganger!

  • Rucci

    Did this guy say retired army?? That has to put him at almost 40 or more. Cop need to use some situational awareness

    • Jason Jensen

      fyi: he would have been ~47 at the time of the vid, but…still could/should have been a little more aware!

  • andrespena85

    wow!!! This guy is GOOD!

  • brady

    The first time the cop asked, his name was Robert Jones. Second time the cop asked, his name was Jimmy Jones. Idiot.

  • Dwayne Hartwell

    Cops sure are stupid in Florida. No one jogs in 114 degree weather. Duh!!!

    • CHuck

      ummm this was in Louisiana

  • Sum-It Chand

    that guy should win an oscar..

  • Clay

    Now that's just bad police work… when he first asked his name the man said it was Robert Jones… later when he asks again he says Jimmy Jones. Red flag much? lol

  • spyke

    i would've shit my pants and shook like a fwken horse talking to the cops LOL hahahahhahaha

  • MebbeBebbe

    This guy was just an overall talented escape artist. One of his earlier escapes from custody included using chapstick to lubricate his wrists and slipping his cuffs off.

  • lol

    only in america

  • @rivencleft

    Hours after his escape from Pollock, McNair was stopped while jogging on a railroad track near Ball, Louisiana by police officer Carl Bordelon. The location of where he was stopped is 31.409,-92.417. Despite having no identification and giving two different names, McNair successfully convinced Bordelon that he was jogging and in town to help on a post-Katrina roofing project. This incident was captured on a video camera mounted in Bordelon's patrol car. McNair proceeded to give Officer Bordelon the alias of Robert Jones. When asked again five minutes later, he gave a different alias, Jimmy Jones. Bordelon did not pick up on this. McNair laughed and joked with the officer, and even as the officer got a matching description of the inmate, McNair appeared collected and calm. Within 10 minutes McNair was back to 'jogging'.[5]

  • Elizabeth

    LOL Unfortunately, this is in my hometown! Pineville Pride!

  • Alyssa

    this guy probably got a raise for being thorough. unbelievable.

  • ccb

    Gave two different names robert jones and jimmy jones

  • MohawkJon

    What a fuckin idiot!

  • andrew

    that is not the body of a guy who runs 12 miles a day… this cop is retarded

  • Virgiiniiadelia

    Brilliant criminal or lost in the sauce cop…….

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