Genius or Stupid (33 Photos)

  • Catman

    Hand over your Man Card, please. And never come back.

  • ThisIsHowWeDoIt

    #15 I don't want to be reminded of that after I eat! I want to be reminded of that once I get to the toilet 30 minutes later.

  • Texas born

    Shiner Ruby Red Birds. Best summer brew ever. God bless Texas

    • Turd F.

      I'm not a fan of the Ruby Red. I do love the Bock though, and plan to visit the brewery when I go to Texas.

      • guard

        I have had the bock and love it. Do they sell the red up north?

  • waltgator

    #33 genius for concerts!

  • James

    #32 NBC's how to catch a hipster

  • Vadim Simons

    #13 would be awesome for work, hate it when I drop a screw on a ladder

  • Banjo bob

    #14 I actually own that toaster… Non that impressive never works properly

  • Bob

    #25…I don't get this one.

  • Christopher

    #2 Is a Russian roulette game, but in this one you don't die, instead the balloon pops at your head.

  • Kim

    What is 31? I'm so confused

    • Picture


  • justin

    #13 that's pretty badass…

  • DrHD

    How could a loyal Chiver submit a photo of a British train (#6) and not capture the Mind the Gap logo???!!!!

  • Phoneboy

    #26 should be in every office in America. Seriously, if I want to spend my lunch hour asleep, at least make it a *little* easier on me?

    sometimes I'm a lot more productive after a nice nap

  • David Eubanks

    #10 is cool, if your a vagina.

  • chesterdrawers

    #8 Nice shovel dude!

  • Sparks10

    I would buy #19

  • Jawbone

    #23 That little sissy bumped his nose against some guy's belt buckle in the rush for peter.

  • DarthLoki

    #10 I'm pretty sure the girls would laugh me right out of Hooters…

  • Jake

    #7, #17, #30 and #31 are simply genius!


    I have the egg toasty thing and it’s brilliant (especially in a house where it’s only me that likes to eat poached eggs!)


  • Michael Majdanski

    #33 Now even MORE portable. That's exactly what I need.

  • MohawkJon

    #2 Does that serve any purpose at all?

    #10 Eat Like A Man GOD DAMNIT!!

    #30 What happens when you loose the flashlight?

  • J187

    #17 wtf it's too obvious it's a fake beard but on the right track

  • myohmy

    23… Where do I find him. I want him….
    For the love of anything holy.
    Tell me where.

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