Some cool, some strange…the color is Red (30 HQ Photos)

  • Bob

    #31, #36…Love these.

  • Urdone969

    #1 is just Friggin Stupid…..can you say "Sweet car!!…..sorry about your dick!?!"

  • vonhugendong

    not sure why people think that someone with no ass or talent should close this. lets face it she has not won a race and without an ass she will always be last.

  • john

    #39 your father should beat you

  • irishman813


  • sean

    #8 takes the cake. thats fucking awesome

  • the scott

    #24 dont see the car…

  • Cliff

    Ms. Patrick needs to eat some greens and red beans and rice and anything else that will give her a booty worth looking at.

  • jmiker919

    #39 Why?

  • Daniel

    #48 .. Just.. wow.

  • CompuNerd27

    #9 Camaro ZL1 FTW

  • skuz

    yeah back to the color posts!! i love it, you need to do this everyday, maybe do a color perday everyweek like monday blues, tuesdays greens, wednesday orange, things like that, but put it back on the throttle cause im tired of it having no posts

  • US and A

    #35 #45

  • Bob H

    #44, The last year of the great Mustang body styles. The Boss. Better yet, a Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland.

  • Caleb

    #42 is breathtaking and #34 I feel like is a forgotten and over looked car. Best motor Ford has ever made IMO. Screaming babies

    • Caleb

      Oops that's not a 03-04 COBRA

  • Tom

    #18 Now that is one of the most impressive paint jobs I have ever seen! Looks like lit flammable liquid is literally ablaze on it.

  • Matt

    #22 New Audi R8, whack a few new headlamps on. Wouldn't be surprised if Porsche designed it.

  • Donny

    #1 is my car, my name is Donny Vroon I'm from Crowley, Texas. Rick where did you take/find this?

  • MohawkJon


  • Chimosteve

    Cant anyone tell me what car #41 is?

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