The best of the 2012 Olympics…so far (55 Photos)

  • Daniel Allton

    #54 Boris for president of the world!!


    #26: What oppression feels like. FIGHT ON EGYPT!!!!!!!!!


    #50: PALM FACE!!!!

  • Danno

    #50 While she is cute as hell. She's also 15.

    • bambam

      and a total bitch

  • Hu Flung Poo

    #33 Congrats to a guy that truly deserves it and to Grenada for their first Gold Medal!!! Kirani James is what the olympics are supposed to be, a true class act!

  • Shane

    I like the part where half of these aren't even from London 2012.

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    #54 that is our mayor… he gets worst guys

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  • sevans

    #41 is unreal. Wow!

  • Daniel

    #41 Brazil I love your ass ets!


    #27 This little prick finally looks and feels tall next to someone!

  • CompuNerd27

    #41 Sick of seeing disgusting photoshop jobs like this. If you want to look at oversized, misshapen asses, go look at your mom.

  • Nick Sumpter

    Liliana Fernandez = EPIC Booty! #28

  • Julius

    what country is #29?

  • civage

    #35… Uh, which part of the Olympic stadium has bushes in it. Nice going, you fops.

  • Rick

    #35 is winning the JUNIOR Olympics in Rio. Her warm up routine is guaranteed to give off more heat than the torch itself–and she is either 16 or 18. I guarantee that when she goes to the 2016 Olympics win or not, she will become the richest athlete after the games. I think that swimming guy with 22 medals is now worth something like $17 million. This chick, and I do so hope that she becomes a REGULAR Chivette, has it all. When she runs the hurdles her left knee is 4-5 inches higher than the hurdle while her competitors are only about 1-2". I promise you though she can have all of my inches.

  • Richard

    #25 "holy shit somethin just touch my foot"

  • bambam

    glad they excluded the talentless lolo jones

  • NJ Chiver

    We need a countdown for when #50 turns 18. Just sayin.

  • Gwen Abbott Asmussen

    #20 is from the 2010 Vancouver Olypmic Men's figure skating lol. I didn't know that skating was now a summer sport as well haha

  • IceGallerie Yucatán

    Please check this Olympic Pictures where they posted #JeremyAbbot. He is a Winter Olympian. Wonder how he got there!! Abbot is joking about it himself.

  • FarmBoy

    #4 #5 #27 I love Aly

  • belikekeagin

    #50 wasnt from the olympics.

  • zolkamaniac

    Snežana RODIC….so hot

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