The evolution of Marilyn Monroe (26 Photos)

  • Electric Eliminator

    only i may make mistakes

  • Flatmike

    Omega Supreme: Exactly how well did you know her?

  • BILL

    Is #1 even her? Looks like shirley temple (sp?)

    • Alan

      Yes. The Shirley Temple look was extremely popular in the 1930s.

  • Screwdriver

    My great uncle took some of those….His name was Earl Theisen….My cousin still has many original negs..

  • Scott

    She looked better without the mark on her left cheek.

  • Melies

    # 13 IS Marilyn Monroe…do your researchs.

    • Branka Bogdanov


  • girlfriendd

    i dont understand the obsession with her. she looks like a pig and slept with everyone. our country is full of morons!

    • ImpressMe

      So, post a pic of yourself…. or won't your pimp let you?

      • fscked

        Yeah, pics or set your hair on fire and stfu.

  • girlfriend

    i agree. wtf. she was a hoebag.

    • ImpressMe

      lol…I bet you are noones girlfriend……not with that nasty mean streak…. jealous little twit.

  • pennywise79

    I love how all these people are getting all butt-hurt over this guy simply stating facts. I know the truth hurts, but suck it up and realize that this woman who was/is unjustly idolized wasn't some innocent angelic victim as most everyone thinks.

  • Bob

    #13…No woman has ever been this good looking since this picture was taken.

  • Angelique Banks

    My idol I love her!! RIP

  • David Thornton

    Lessee… she was born in 1926, so if she were alive today she would be 86 years old. She'd look like a slightly younger Betty White. Or your grandma. Just sayin…

    • fscked

      Are you suggesting that you wouldn't get down on Betty White? Nonsense.

  • Mar

    Meh, not really what I'd call an amazing life. Someone like say, Buzz Aldrin, had an amazing life.

  • Red

    I would have like to have known her but I was just an egg,
    her candle burned out long ago but her legend never did.

  • Tom

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  • missb

    Agreed!!! This woman wasn't/isn't an inspiration…well of course if you are inspired by fucking your way through hollywood and life in general and abusing drugs. Yes, you can say she was pretty but beautiful? no. There are several beautiful women in history that I want my children to look up to and she is most definitely not one of them. Sluts and trailer trash seem to be the ones that idolize this woman and sadly they have no idea what her accomplishments are other than being famous.

  • anon

    #13 is from a VERY famous set, of course it's Marilyn you stupid trolls.

  • Dave

    beautiful woman, terrible life. Read bio's on her life, so sad what a little girl went through.

  • p1ll

    #13 stunning but it looks like debbie Harry

  • @robnailer

    #14 wtf 50 cents for a playboy !

  • Kenny

    #15 Joe used to beat the crap out of her!

    • Branka Bogdanov

      No he didn't.

  • Brighton Becker

    I liked seeing the older pics of her…but got sad as the photos progressed, and she went from wide eyed natural beauty to squinty eyed druggy dazed smiles…hrmm. o_o

  • Alan

    Much prettier as a brunette, and with a sincere smile.
    Pity she had such a messed-up life.


  • Teea

    And she had nothing but the radio on

  • Branka Bogdanov

    Just clarifying for all! #13 is in fact Marilyn! Photo was taken by George Barris in 1962. Her last photo session before she died!

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