The Mars rover goes meme (16 Photos)

  • NP1972

    After a bit of thought about gold medals, it got me wondering, "So China and the USA have more golds, but they also have more people, I guess that makes us a more talented nation". So, I took pencil to paper, and judging my mathematics are correct, I have a couple of statistics:

    As it stands tonight, gold medals are as follows: China are 1st with 31, USA are 2nd with 29 and GBR are 3rd with 18.

    The population of China is roughly 1,339,000,000. The population of the USA is roughly 314,000,000. And the population of the UK is around 60,000,000.

    Meaning, that for every person born in China, 1 in around 43 million of them will win a gold medal. In the USA, 1 in around 11 million will win a gold medal. And in the UK, 1 in around 3 million will win a gold medal.

    Even better still, going by the figures so far, this makes Great Britain roughly 3.6 times more talented than the USA, and a whopping 14.3 times more talented than China.

    If Britain were prepared to waste the money, we would have a MAN on Mars by now!

    • Frank

      If Great Britain is so much more talented than USA and China, why are they in 3rd ?

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  • Doctor_What

    #6 Who do you think paid that, exactly?

  • MohawkJon


    Hey! It's Me!

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