Angry farmer gets revenge on the cops with a giant tractor (16 Photos)


  • JJJ

    I can't believe he tried to flee the scene of the crime for 2 miles…..on the tractor. It seems a bit slow and obvious…..surely he would have just done better running, or walking, or even crawling….

    • heywood jablowme

      its not like the cops were gonna get in their cruisers and chase him.

    • Dr. JFever

      FYI a tractor like that can do between 35mph & 40mph.

      • NDChiver

        What kind of tractors are you driving? Try 25mph buddy.

      • Pants Pudding

        Don't tell us how fast the tractor goes. We were all laughing imagining him driving away at a solid 8 miles per hour with the entire police department chasing on foot.

        • MrC

          The news did mention that at the time no cruisers were left in a driveworthy state and so all he had to do (short term!) was to beat them on foot!

          • G24

            They didn't have personal vehicles at the cop shop?

    • Underbaker

      I think he was just trying to lure more cruisers out in case he missed any.

  • noodle


    • P.W. Herman

      He took Daily afternoon randomness a little to literal.

      • r@f

        This is how you execute revenge. Not by making a rap song about it.

    • ps86

      where the hookers kill YOU after sex

    • fun with drugs

      this man is a hero

  • Turbodude

    Overreact much Roger? Hope getting high was worth your future prison life dumbass

    • Bob

      Woooooh!! Support the Troops!!!!!

      • KCO617

        Fuck this guy, as a Vermonter this is a disgrace.

        • ThatGuy

          As an American the war on drugs and bloated police force are far more disgraceful than anything this one man has ever done.

          • Son of Mongo

            Maybe from the addict's point of view. What's left of my family is proof enough that you're wrong.

            • Dave

              Were… were those cars your family?

              • Son of Mongo

                Hmm, so negative votes for seeing what drugs and alcohol abuse does to people and reaction properly when someone goes on a tirade about how there's nothing wrong with it? I'm disappointed, Chivers. Faith in humanity level just fell a few notches.

                • Mongo

                  Your family's loss to drugs and alcohol is actually pretty solid proof that the war on drugs is a waste. Obviously, in spite of the billions spent each year fighting the legality of drugs, your family still managed to get access to them. So, it sure sounds like the war is a waste doesn't it?

                  ThatGuy didn't say that drugs are fine and we should all just do drugs, he just said that the "war on drugs" is a disgrace, which is true. When we talk about "the war on drugs" we are talking about police vs. the bad drug growers and all the $$ spent keeping drugs illegal. So far our efforts are a total waste — we need to take a different approach.

                  • Anonymous

                    There should certainly be a war on drugs.. but man made drugs such as cocain, meth and heroin. I know when I smoke pot I don't want anything to do with things that arebt tv, food and my girlfriend.

                    • baconator

                      Cocaine is extracted from the coca plant and heroin comes from poppies with a lil tweaking from humans. I wouldn't say they are acceptable but I wouldn't say they are man made like meth. Also, the war on drugs is a enormous waste of taxpayers money and has been losing for 30+ years.

                • Roger

                  They should ban guns too because guns kill people! They should ban drugs because drugs kill people! They should ban fast food because it makes people fat and eventually kills them. They should ban gerbils because some people die from them when the gerbil tries to chew its way out of said person's anus!

                  You always have a choice… If you choose to do drugs and fuck your life or the lives around yourself up that's your fault. This coming from someone who found his brother ODing on heroin and now fears that he'll die off at college!

                  This is just waste and it doesn't solve the problems. They don't help the victims. They use them as statistics to try and justify their "war".

                  I understand that my examples were a bit "silly" but that was the point of it. There will always be shit to bitch about. If we end up making holodecks or some interactive VR people will be bitching about that and be trying to get it banned because it encourages anti-social behavior, etc.

            • @JJrrake

              Whats left of your family was a concious decision they made. Stop blaming other things

    • MohawkJon

      (Sports announcer voice)
      … And the stoners come out of the wood work…

  • yodaddy

    Redneck Justice too funny.

    • 0331

      Racist much?

      • wimpy


      • Tyler

        Moron much?

    • Greg

      i am a redneck and its true redneck justice at its finest

  • hotkarl8083

    That totally justifies the weed charges.

    • kcco

      Nobody made a joke relating him to a pig farmer? come on chiveee

  • Navin R. Johnson

    F the police

    • KCO617

      Fuck this guy, and fuck you too.

    • chim richels

      yeah, that's mature. Let's say 'F the police' when 3 escaped convicts are taking turns on your mother.

      • Pants Pudding

        Don't deny my mother her entertainment!

      • ThatGuy

        My mother carries, she has no need for occupation by a standing military.

        • Son of Mongo

          So I think I'll elevate you to "Conspiracy Nutjob" instead of just "Moron".

        • matt

          my mother carries a sniper rifle, your mothers fucked before she even knows it. take that society!

      • chesterdrawers

        You are not a heterosexual…

      • billy

        Or how about we just say it when they bust otherwise peaceful potsmokers. Or maybe when they take medication away from someone with anger management issues who then proceeds to damage public property?

    • S. Martin

      What a Jerk!

    • Christopher Lang

      Someone should have robbed the bank that following day.

  • @TheRealGroome

    #10 Left his doughnuts in the car.

    • @JJrrake

      Fuck pigs he would laugh. Worthless beat patrol

      • Pants Pudding

        Why do you hate the police so? You're an angry, unimaginative little man.

        • @TheRealGroome

          And probably the first one to scream "CALL THE POLICE!"

          • @JJrrake

            Well if i ever said that itd be more like " im gonna call the pigs"

          • poopooplatter

            This site is turning into a cess pool of police, fire and rescue retardation…

    • Groggy

      No way he left his donuts in there. He's smiling.

      Probably left a perp in the car.

      • Pigcopsshoulddie

        A perp? Perp? Too much csi today?

  • Angry farmer gets revenge on the cops with a giant tractor (16 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

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  • Sam 'Shazam' Fredette

    you forgot the best parts. the police found out via someone calling 911 to inform them their cars were being crushed by a large tractor. one of his charges includes assaulting an officer. p.s. sorry for the poor grammar, my phone doesnt feel like punctuating.

    • Sam 'Shazam' Fredette

      p.p.s. thank you so much for running this story, hard to find much chive worthy coming out of our humble state.

    • chesterdrawers

      Your phone wouldn't know how to punctuate, maybe you should learn to do that yourself…

  • Bob

    Normally, I don't support rednecks but this guy should get some props. If I remember correctly he was busted for possession of marijuana. Regardless to the low grade type of drug, it was going to cost him quite a few bucks to get out of the situation.

    So he took revenge. He knew what he was doing and will not serve LIFE as another poster mentioned (maybe 5 years/out in 2). So next time the cops decide to bust someone for possession of a non-grade 1 narcotic they will think about their cars being damaged.

    Oh yeah…Support the Troops or whatever

    • guest

      cuz yaaaa…. that makes sense…..

      • ThatGuy

        It does make sense, actually.

        • Son of Mongo

          In what universe?

        • matt

          to avoid paying a 100 dollar fine, youll crush cars and be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars. seems legit.

          • chesterdrawers

            It's called making a point, funny how you idiots can't make the realization that one must take rights, not be born with them… Grow some balls sheep…

      • chesterdrawers

        Go die in a fire…

    • Tyler

      The logic is strong with this one…

    • KCO617

      You're an idiot…and I award you no points for your answer.

      • ThatGuy

        And you're a cop. I'd rather be an idiot. Traitor.

        • Excop

          But upon retirement you are no longer a cop, you however, will be an idiot your whole life.

          • chesterdrawers

            You represent what is wrong with, aw fuck it, you wouldn't even understand the words…

        • Son of Mongo

          Oh shut the hell up

          • @JJrrake

            Sick comeback tard

    • @JohnMcFadin

      Funny, considering pot IS grade 1. Or schedule 1, as anyone with intelligence would say.

      • FunnyFarm

        Absolutely true. And anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence would research marijuana and understand the effects of the drug. Its classification of Schedule 1 makes no sense when you look at the other drugs residing in that class. Marijuana is a far less dangerous substance than even something like alcohol.

      • @JJrrake

        Mcfaddinn u try too hard in this venue

  • 1awsomechiver


  • Mopar

    i disagree with the tag idiot, it should be tagged genious

    • Liam Hanna

      as should you my 'genious' friend

      • Justin Daniel Brown

        o' shiet an grammar natsi

  • Tartex

    U mad?

  • bill58

    he did them a favor. they're all psyched because they know they're all getting new cruisers anyway. they'll probably get those douchebag dodge charger cruisers. i fucking hate those dodge charger cruisers.

    • The_Dood

      I was talking to a Dayton cop about him trying out the Chargers a few weeks ago. He referred to them as "junk".

      • heathclif

        I had a flat and caught a ride with a local in one of the new Caprice Cruisers. He said they had one of the Chargers for 6 weeks and it broke twice.

        He stepped on the pedal a couple times in the Caprice. They definitely have some balls.

      • bill58

        wouldn't you know that I was born in Dayton! Good Sam.

      • chesterdrawers

        I would like to cordially invit you all to the "cops are gay and need their buttholes pee'd in" ball. Collect your RSVP info in the bonfire over there…

    • dave o.

      Bill is right…new cruisers all around. The taxpayer is the one who took it in the shorts because the taxpayer (you and me) paid for all those cruisers.

      • Darrel

        What do you think insurance is for?

      • matt

        pretty sure the farmer will have a pretty hefty lawsuit on his hands as well

  • @JJrrake

    He shall sleep in heaven with allah and 50 virgins
    Also if i ever decide to turn philly into a city state, at least ill know how to take out the pig vehicles

    • Morgan Freeman

      Are you still around? Damn. I would rather lick Paula's taint then to have to see you post here.

    • Pants Pudding

      Didn't it used to be 72 virgins? Is there a shortage?

      • truth

        In his version, he only gets 50 virgins but he has to sleep with Allah first.

        • The_Dood

          And the virgins are all mother's basement dwelling WoW players…

        • @JJrrake

          Thats a sick fucking comment bro hang ten kalabungha

      • @JJrrake

        72 hahahhaha it would be a number divisible by 36

    • @McBeastie666


    • Rick

      Stop posting! The crap that you come up with is just stupid. How ignorant and immature are you?

      • @JJrrake

        My grandma says im a loose cunt so suck it

  • Bob

    Stupid dopehead, hope he has to pay for the damage. Why should taxpayers pay for this losers work.

    • Tyler

      Amen. What a low life

    • bczu

      Stupid alcoholic, he can't make that much in jail.

    • guest

      That tractor is probably worth more than all those cruisers combined. They can pay for the damage by selling it at auction.

      • bczu

        Doubt it, cars were worth over 300k. At auction you wouldn't get that much. And that's if he owns it, I'm sure the bank does….

        • bczu

          300k of damage plus the price of the cars….

    • check it

      towns are usually insured for things like this, especially police cruisers, so no; the taxpayer will not be picking up the tab for the damage

      • redmike70

        The tax payers pay for the insurance, so when the insurance goes up they will be paying for it

    • Scaggnettii

      why should taxpayers pay for PIGS. They are corrupt enough to support themselves

      • ThatGuy

        This man is correct. When was the last time the police actually helped someone?

        • drew

          You're both right. Disbanding the police is an awesome idea…

    • billy

      Why should I pay for your illogical war on marijuana users?

  • LCS

    Let me see if I get this right. The owner of an eight wheeled tractor, which costs more either leased or purchased here (Australia) than a mid range Porsche, suddenly decides it is all too much and proceeds to flatten what appears to be the entire fleet of patrol cars for the county. And he does this after being arrested, charged, convicted et-al for a marijuana bust whose severity is such that this newly made criminal is allowed back out on the streets, complete with his tractor driving license still in his back pocket

    Perhaps the folks whose cars got flattened would like to explain to those folks who paid for the cars just how that came about…..

    • Dr. JFever

      A Case tractor like that depending on options can run mid-six figures. Way more than a 'mid range Porsche'. Also most places in the US there is no license required to drive a tractor.

    • CrazyRaysTractors

      I know it seems strange, but there are a few details that may help in understanding how this went down. First off, this guy supposedly has a history of mental illness allegedly stemming from some injury to the head several years prior. This illness left him agitated and 'unruly', except when he self-medicated using marijuana. Btw, the only crop he was successfully growing was marijuana. His parents were farmers and that gave him access to farm equipment. Sensationalistic media latched on to the tractor and painted him as a vigilante farmer…makes for better press, I suppose.

      In the US, tractors are not considered transportation vehicles and as such, a license is not required to operate one. The fact the tractor may not have been his also should also explain why he was quick to use such an expensive farm tractor for his mayhem.

      • Frank

        I wonder, can you get a DUI or DWI on a tractor? It is a motor vehicle, so I would assume so. Seems like a recall seeing a video of a guy being pulled over because he was "driving" his lawn mower while drinking.

        • Moose

          I believe it's on a state by state basis but in MD you can be charged w/ DUI on a tractor

        • TylerDurdenUMD

          In MN yes you can. You can even get one driving a Zamboni on the ice. However at last I recall, you can NOT get one for operating a train.

  • Boomer Sooner

    You ever try farming NOT high? Its boring as shit.

    • ps86

      ^ comment of the year

    • Frank

      Hell, these days you just input your gps coordinates into your tractor's control unit and go inside and smoke while it plows the field for you.

    • Dave

      Is that what all those jerkoffs on Farmville have been doing?

  • Joey Pecoraro

    Because I got high…because I got high…because I got highhhhh!
    That song came to mind.

  • Brandom

    Awesome Tractor Guy Is Awesome

  • bing

    And this is why they call it "dope".

    • Unsweetened

      They don't call it dope unless they were smoking it in '67.

    • Chesterdrawers

      I hope you are sterile…

  • Ima Vermonta

    YEAH VERMONT!! Way to get into the national news and the Chive! Gotta give the guy credit for originality and style. However that is negated by the fact he turned what would have been probably a misdemeanor for his original arrest into a felony for this revenge. Also not mentioned was the fact that the cops had to chase him in his tractor on FOOT since they obviously had no cars left. Love it or hate it, you gotta laugh.

    • Mobes317

      802! Always good to see a fellow Vermonter on here

    • James

      Gotta love the 802! knew it was just a matter of time before this story made the Chive

    • KCO617

      I am also a Vermonta (no, we don't pronounce r's)…and this guy is a fucking asshole. You all laugh now, but when taxes go up (again) to pay for the damages you're gonna be real pissed.

      • ThatGuy

        Cut back the police force and taxes will go down (finally).

        • Son of Mongo

          Alternatively we could fire Obama and repeal his multi-billion dollar and totally unnecessary 'Obamacare' policies. That would save WAY more money than the property damage and spike in crime that comes with getting rid of the police.

          But I just use logic, is all. Don't mind me.

    • Vermont Sucks

      You're proud to be from Vermont? I've been to Vermont 3 times and have never met such rude and ignorant people in all my life. I have travelled quite extensively and have never encountered the level of ignorance anywhere else, that I had while visitng your horrid state. Never to visit again, Vermont sucks!!!

      • @JohnMcFadin

        You sound more rude than any possible Vermont citizen you think you met. I say think because it's pretty obvious you don't know what you're talking about. Where are you from, Florida?

        • @JJrrake

          Goooood oneeee mcfaggot

      • Green Mountain Bot

        Vermont has one of the best educational systems in the country, and some of the lowest crime rates anywhere. If people were rude to you, it was probably because you acted like a fucking Masshole, or worse, a New Yawka. There are more top-quality people living in the smallest town in Vermont than there are in your entire state, regardless of which one that is.

        To conclude, go fuck yourself hard with your choice of farming implement.

        • Groggy

          "There are more top-quality people living in the smallest town in Vermont than there are in your entire state, regardless of which one that is."

          Way to prove him wrong on the whole "ignorance" thing.

          For the record, I couldn't give less of a shit about Vermont or people's opinions of it either way, I just think that line was hilariously dumb.

      • Mobes317

        Good stay out

    • @Thal3030

      And the tax payers will end up paying for new police cars..

  • Morgan Freeman

    Legalize it.

    • Iceman2509

      That's not the point. At this time it is illegal and he was arrested because he broke the law.

      Furthermore, he didn't hurt the cops. They will get new cars. He hurt the tax payers who will now have to fund this asshole's little tirade. I hope he gets the book thrown at him.
      There is nothing funny about this.

      • @McBeastie666

        Tax payers are paying way more to keep minor drug offenders in jail for double digit sentences. Tax payers have already contributed way more to this unwinnable war on drugs then a couple of squad cars. Yeah, this guy snapped and is an asshole for doing what he did, but if you want to bring up taxes…this prohibition is costing way more than the damage done by some stoned farmer in Vermont.

        and it's a little funny. hell, even the cops think so – #10.

        • Iceman2509

          Again, that is not the point. It doesn't matter how much the tax payers have already contributed, the problem is that they will now have to contribute more because this guy broke the law. If this dickhead would have obeyed the law, none of this would have happened.

          Okay, it is a bit funny. But sad as well.

          • @JohnMcFadin

            It seems that any point that trumps your is automatically thrown out of the window. Great way to think and comment! Well on the path to seeing another jjrake/paula in the making, since you want to ignore anything/everything someone else has to say. Good job.

            • Iceman2509

              WTF are you talking about? Tell me where I am wrong. Your position on whether or not drugs should be legalized is irrelevant to this story. He knew the law and broke it and once he was arrested he cause 300K of damage to the city which the tax payers will now have to pick up.
              He was arrested for a misdemeanor which would have been a small fine. Don't you think his reaction was a little over-the-top? Or do you support this kind of shit?

              • Son of Mongo

                I agree. Same as with speeding tickets (annoying as they may be for people who get them) – it's the law and they broke it, don't go complaining about how they were 'wronged' when the fact that they're in trouble is their own damn fault.

              • @McBeastie666

                It was actually my position about legalization and you who brought up tax payer money. And legalization was the catalyst of this whole thread…so…….that's what @JohnMcFadin was talking about.

        • Eric

          Bam, This guy knows whats going on.. If you disagree although you are entitled to your own opinion, you are incorrect.

      • Green Mountain Bot

        I think it in fact is the point that Morgan Freeman is trying to make.

      • Plowinurmom

        U r gay…

    • morebeer

      I want to hear morgan freeman say "legalize it"
      everything sounds classy coming from him
      his voice gets shit done
      "get busy livin or get busy dyin"

    • @JJrrake

      Wait… So faggots like mcbeastie and freeman are down here basically saying weed is good, yet they disagree with me on the subject of my opinions WHICH STEM from my support for legalization

      • @McBeastie666

        I don't disagree with you on any "subjects." You just happen to be the absolute worst troll to ever grace these message boards. You are a horrible piece of shit. Look, you still use the word faggot in your posts…who does that? Assholes…that's who. I don't care if we ever support the same issues….you are a massive tool who should shut the fuck up. I know I'm just feeding the troll here…but….fuck you anyway.

  • wally

    Only in america to funny

    • @JohnMcFadin

      Yep, because in the other countries, it would be a tank and their would have been casualties.

  • past doper

    #14…Anger managment??!!…dummy!.. you shouldnt be smoking that SHIT anyways!

    • Green Mountain Bot

      Cannabis=anger management. How many times have you been confronted, let alone assaulted by a stoned person? Unless you took doritos out of a stoner's hands, the answer is never.

    • Zuke

      Oh really 'past doper'?

      Judging by your statement, I'm kind of wondering if this 'dope' that you're referring to is actually weed. See, around here dope would be heroin. When someone says they're a "past doper", I would assume they're either A) saying they used to do heroin or I suppose possibly meth, or B) that they used to play sports and used illegal performance enhancing substances, thus 'doping'.

      The only people who call weed dope are old people left over from the reefer madness era. That's it. I sort of have a reflex that makes me question the validity of any statement made by someone who refers to marijuana as dope, as pretty much anyone who's updated their views in the last 40 years wouldn't call it that.

      • Zuke

        Well, that smiley was supposed to be B followed by ), but I guess the way it is sort of works too…

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