Angry farmer gets revenge on the cops with a giant tractor (16 Photos)


  • Ratfarts

    This guy doesn’t take no shit

    • Stormtrooper

      So he takes shit, is what you're saying…?

  • Nick

    only in vermont

  • BigBolt

    I cant help but say awesome! No one got hurt. Weed should b legal. A guy running for state senate here in wyoming thinks ' all dopers should b steralized'… seriously:-)

    • Stick

      Would it have been awesome if he thought you were tail-gating or something, then found you in a park lot later, or is it alright because they're mean old cops?

    • Chim Richels

      Yeah, No one got hurt great. How long were the cops without patrol cars? What happens if a real emergency happened and cops were need and no proper patrol cars were available?

      What about the cost to the taxpayers to replace the cars?

      Think it through dumb shit.

      • @JohnMcFadin

        While I do agree with you, in that this could have hurt others who had nothing to do with this, you also have to realize that police ALWAYS have unmarked cars to drive, and even could use their personal vehicles for any emergency happening right after this.

      • billy

        The same thing that happens when a cop makes a pot bust. A waste of time. Cops aren't available for real crimes when enforcing marijuana laws. This action was in protest to a law that costs society billions. You don't want to bring up money.

        Think through the absurdities of the drug war and you will sympathize with this small act of civil disobedience.

  • Dillon

    See the sad thing is that it was not his tractor… It was his fathers tractor that he stole. His father who's a hard working VT farmer… The tractor was damaged and now his poor father has to pay for the damages to get it fixed… Do not glorify this complete idiot… Instead feel bad for his father that got the raw end of this ordeal.

  • Mobes317

    Yeah 802!

  • TsL

    "So Sarge…. We're on Foot Patrol today I take it?"

  • Stick

    When you feel a law is unjust, you don't go about it just by breaking it. You especially don't throw a massive hissyfit and ruin some government vehicles.

    Personally, I don't give a shit about pot, but this dipshit knew the law and decided to willfully ignore it.
    Jailtime serves him right.

    • Son of Mongo


    • Brute Sentiment

      Agreed here.

      Hate to go with the stereotype, but for all the legislative measures that have gone on ballots to legalize it, and all the people that seem to want it legal…. The fact these people can't seem to stop smoking it long enough to get off the couch and vote it legal is pretty much the reason I'm fine with it staying illegal.

  • MRam20

    The shit they put him through i woulda done the same thing

    • ironman92

      i pray to god you never have children

    • @JohnMcFadin

      I've been arrested four times in my life for marijuana. What revenge should I take out on the cops, considering this guy got popped once? Bad conclusion is bad.

  • holy guacamole

    If you get in trouble with the law might as well make it count, i suppose. haha

  • Vermont

    He was heading to the Newport vt cop station next before they caught up to him

  • EnragedGonad

    #15 "Um, what had happened was…."

  • check it

    There is more to the story than just that, he had been consistently harassed over petty manners, including for having his dog riding in the cab of his truck; furthermore his daughter had been receiving similar treatment and he was fed up with it

    • Sgt Stdenko

      there is always more to the story isn't there? it's just sad that because someone has a badge and a hard-on for someone that they can get away with harassment and we as citizens that pay their salaries have no recourse…

      Just legalize it already…. c'mon folks. I think 3M has made enough money now… we can use hemp for a LOT of stuff and it's environmentally friendly. Marijuana has a LOT of medicinal properties and it's also a much safer recreational substance than any of the legal ones.. It just doesn't make sense anymore and we as a community need to speak our minds and stop wasting tax payer dollars on turning people who use a plant into criminals. I don't even smoke it but damn.. I'm smart enough to see that it's not something that should be seen as what it is..

      • Son of Mongo

        OR you could use your brain and just get over the fact that your bad habit's against the law. If it were something harmless like, what, sour candy, then yeah I might agree. But this isn't the case. It's illegal for a reason, the last thing we need is more potheads.

  • Anonymous

    This man is my hero!

  • Trav1121

    He is standing up for Pions everywhere! I figured his last name is pronounced 'pee-on'.

  • Brian

    Fuck the police

    • Police

      Cool story bro….I'm glad no cops were killed during this hissy fit

    • KCO617

      You're a jackass.

    • Chim Richels

      No, fuck you.


  • Kevrhutch

    He's going to be a cult hero in jail for this

  • W...

    Home Sweet Home…

  • Jeff Mondelblatt

    Tis but a scratch.

    • Son of Mongo

      A scratch, your whole arm's off!

  • Tyler

    Why is the Chive glorifying a drug addict that cost the tax payers $300,000 and could have killed police officers. Ashamed.

    • Chim Richels

      Because most Chivers are 20 year old comic book/video game dorks.

      • ironman92

        i actually am a 20 year-old gamer, but this guy is still a shithead.

    • Son of Mongo

      Because he's listed in the "Idiots" section. Less glorification more pointing and laughing at his stupidity.

    • billy

      Is someone who drinks a beer an alcoholic?

  • Logan Slogan

    Damn the Man! Save the Empire (Guitar Riff followed by Record Store Montaggggggggggggggggggge)!!!

  • Mike

    Haters gonna hate…I can appreciate what he did. He didn't hurt anybody and now he will pay for he will have to pay for this stunt…But that shit is FUNNY I don't care what anybody says. A+

    • ironman92

      and what if he had hurt somebody? i highly doubt he checked each of those cars before he ran them over; the fact that nobody got hurt was pure luck on the officers' parts.

      • billy

        However, laws against marijuana users hurt some one every single time they are enforced.

  • Cop

    What an idiot. He gets arrested for something that he wouldn't serve much of a sentence for, then he decides to do this. This guy has some issues and needs to be checked out for some psychological issues. I'm just glad there were no cops in the cars that he ran over. A cop getting getting killed by a worthless pothead would've been a tragedy. He should've just KCCO

  • bob

    Bad ass! Must have been some good shit to do that. Guess what town was speeding all over the place for awhile?? Na really man what town? Eh fuck it, gimmy a hit.

  • Bradyized

    #10 Well at least they get new squad cars?

  • Go Blue!

    Everyone should support 3 things:
    1- Police
    2- Fire Fighters
    3- Military
    Place them in any order you want.

    • Police

      You are a good American

    • Son of Mongo

      Amen, but add a fourth to that:


    • billy

      Unquestioned support of authority is not how a free country works. Fuck the war on drugs and the pathetic individuals who support and enable it.

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