Angry farmer gets revenge on the cops with a giant tractor (16 Photos)


  • Brae

    Once a douche always a douche.

  • Police

    Pot should be legalized. That way potheads will never have anything to talk about….

    • meh

      please, go have another gin and tonic and smoke a pack or 2 of the legal substances that your government tells you is ok because they're making BILLIONS off of you. I'm so glad the educated, knowledgeable folks know how to post.

      have you ever tried it? let's play a little game called "which drugs have killed the most people"
      which ones do you think have? Heroin? Cocaine? wait.. I'm sure you know… Meth.

      guess what?? YOU'RE WRONG! Pharmecuticals! Yes…. the drugs that are approved by our governments have killed more people than the illegal ones you're wasting taxpayer money on to keep illegal.

      Guess what else… Tylenol is cause for more deaths and Cocaine?
      Sucks when you find out that the gov't has lied to you and you're soooo brainwashed you don't even know it.

      • Son of Mongo

        Oh look, another Conspiracy Nut-job out in the open again! Someone get me a camera!

      • Police

        Like I was saying…….So you don't have anything to talk about ever again…

  • bad name

    sooo, now they have another excuse to keep the devils cabbage illegal. This fucking moron, yes, he's a moron, was sooo angry over a misdemeanor weed charge that this is the response and we wonder why they won't legalize? C'mon man.. I'm for weed as much as the next guy but you have to be smart about it. You don't see the fools pounding down scotchs and fistfuls of oxy's pulling this shit and making headlines…

    wait – I think I see a new vice in my future…
    Florida, HERE I COME!!!

  • Seth LeCoq

    If they wouldn't have took his weed, bet he wouldn't have been that angry

  • Leah Spatafora Blackmon

    Umm, marijuana has no ill side effects. The war on drugs has put millions of non-violent criminals in prison and cost the tax payers billions of dollars. Even this act would have been avoided if cannabis was legalized. Just sayin…

    • with ya!

      preach on sista!!! please tell me you're in the single chivettes? PLEASE!

  • LukeTheTerrible

    can't blame the weed. Crazy is just that, stoned or not. And do you think he will EVER make enough $ to pay restitution? He devoted his life to losing.

    • Son of Mongo

      One bad choice is all it takes to ruin your life.

      • LukeTheTerrible

        Yeah, but if he had only stopped at one, rather than rolling over the entire fleet!

  • Nicholas Luckner

    Lol this is great

    • Police

      Yeah it's pretty awesome. $300,000.00 worth of taxpayer money for this idiot's hissy fit. The only thing great about this is no cops were hurt or killed and he will be going away for a long time now.

      • billy

        You apparently aren't familiar with Harry Anslinger and his far more costly to taxpayers hissy fit.

  • Walker

    What a tool! I'm sure the cops there didn't give a shit and all hes doing are hurting the hard workin tax payers. Like think before you act, what if someone was in one of those cars. Complete idiot is all I can say. He doesn't deserve jail which tax payers are also providing for him.

  • Bob

    Another thing about this story (I work for ABC in VT) is that he went after the sheriff's department as revenge for the weed deal, they weren't the ones who arrested him for it.

    • Police

      hahaha. idiot just classified everyone into the same category

  • WI.Chiver

    Wow…how we all have lost respect for our police force these days. When our lives are in danger the police put their lives on the line but when some thing like this happens it's funny to a alot of people. Just sad.

    • billy

      Putting your life on the line for a law based on racism and not supported by science is far from honorable.

  • Walker

    What a tool! I'm sure the cops there didn't give a shit and all hes doing are hurting the hard workin tax payers. Like think before you act

  • Morgan


  • Mee

    Chive! Let's raise 100k for this guy too! Heros come in all shaps and dysfunctionalities.

    • Son of Mongo

      How about "No".

  • jim thorton

    Why is weed illegal? Remind me again.

    • Son of Mongo

      Because shit like this happens when potheads can't get their fix.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Because its just too much fun for Big Brother to let it be. And no, Son of Mongo, weed "withdrawal" doesn't get the blame for this. Compare to alcohol on any basis.

  • thrillho

    That had to feel good

  • Rubes27

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    • LukeTheTerrible

      Is it really your blog, or are you just a peeon huckster dishing out spam?

  • Tyler Holub

    Like a BOSS!

  • assman

    the millions of tax dollars going to less than worthy police officers (the psyche evaluations to get it should be much more stringent) and millions being wasted on the war on drugs which has had NO effect but put more people in prison for stupid reasons to we can waste EVEN MORE TAX DOLLARS on keeping all these people in prison is what is disgusting. The people who posted on here with their anti drug self righteous nonsense need to wake the F up and realize how stupid they sound, IT'S A PLANT, and guess what just because it is illegal doesn't stop all the people in the various service providing businesses that you tool boxes patronize every day from using it still, society would function the same way it is now if pot was legal. Get your heads out of your asses!

  • Andrew Buckles

    He didn't get revenge on the cops. It's not like they have to pay for the cars or have lost anything. He screwed the local taxpayers who have to cover the insurance, replacement cars or other costs.

  • Mike Litoris

    I hope his cellmate doesn't have 7 cars.

  • Dave

    Could've made World's Wildest Police Videos…..See the cops catching up to him on their police bicycles….Pulling spike strips out of their knapsacks…..Falling off their bikes when they shoot the tires out with shotguns….Kinda like a Little Rascals episode.

  • ideas

    The guy protested an unjust law and didn't physically hurt any person in the process. I'm sure, being a farmer, he had at least a few guns, doesn't look like he used any to cause people harm, just used a big, slow, obvious tractor to crush some police cars monster truck style. Seems like a pretty non violent act.

    2nd thoughts…maybe he just wanted to see what a lowered, convertible police cruiser looked like….

  • boob_cuddle

    I find this too funny. Probably crossed the line but he had an idea and went through with it. Bad ass.

  • bob

    Roger A Pion… .hmm, nice name

  • Dave

    FUCK THE POLICE!! That is all

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